Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Had a real bad day yesterday......started well with me rushing out the door and slipping............."crash" down I went flat on my face and hurt my knee....bloody thing pained me all day while standing there at work.
Then to top it off....I had a bad menopausal night and raided the darn bikkie barrel twice....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr......and the knee too darn painful this morning to go walking!!!
Hope today goes better !!!!


  1. Oh Jen I hope today is better but I loved the puddycat!
    Hey I was up last night/early this morning raiding the pantry too. Don't worry we will get there - I have faith in us.

  2. Oh Jen..I am sorry to hear you are in pain!!
    Dont stress about the cookie jar... always tomorrow ...
    I am way off track and feeling a bit miserable..
    But I will get there...
    Hugs to you...

  3. ohh u poor bugger, i hope the pains not to intolerable and wish you a speedy recovery xxx