Sunday, January 10, 2010


Simon opening his pressies this morning. Paul at his party last night opening one of his pressies.

Today is my son Simon's birthday......he is 36

He, Tracey and the 4 grandies came down yesterday afternoon and unpacked all their gear ready for a overnight stay before we all headed down to Paul and Tanya's where Tanya had organised a surprise 40th birthday party for Paul. It's Paul's actual birthday tomorrow.

Paul had no idea the party was planned until a few hours beforehand, but still was not expecting so many people to turn up. All he was expecting was a few of his family arriving for a birthday dinner....surprise Paul...and Happy 40th Birthday.

This morning was great, I can't remember the last time Simon was actually with me for his birthday. I cooked a big bbq breakfast for us all then Simon sat down with his kids and opened all his pressies before they packed up and left. Would have loved them to stay longer but Ted and I are in the process of erecting a gabled roof outdoor patio so there were tools/materials and debris everywhere....not very child friendly and we wanted to get as much as possible done today. (The kids were getting in Ted's way and weren't listening to what they were being told in all the excitement of their overnight stay and Daddy's birthday.) Its going to be awesome when the patio is finished, heaps of extra room outside....just in time for all our visitors in March for Kylee's wedding.
Alls going well on the weight loss front....the scales are still heading downwards which is great, they show a 1.8 kilo loss since Boxing Day, so here's hoping that when I get to my weight watchers meet they have gone down more. I am eating a lot of meals cooked on the bbq and loving it, feeling a lot more satisfied too.
Not a lot of excersise this past week, my leg with the bad veins in it has been playing up plus work has been very busy and for some reason I was feeling more tired than usual so gave myself a few mornings off walking.


  1. Lots of birthdays! Gets hard to keep up when there's lots of them eh?
    Glad you guys had a lovely family time.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend Jen, well done on the loss too, awesome effort xxx

    Erica x

    ps. i feel your pain with the veins in your leg/s, best thing i ever did was get mine stripped, got a couple with my last pregnancy but nothing compared to what they were xxx

  3. Welcome back and well done on the weight loss front. The new extension sounds awesome. Hope your pain has subsided and you are back to walking.
    Take care