Monday, January 18, 2010

Back at it....

Tonite I went back to weight watchers and faced those demon scales.....I knew what they were going to read and I was prepared, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. From the 7th/12/09 to now I have put on 4.2 kilo's!! Now I am back on the wagon and doing really well.
And that is despite Shawn being a proper little a****hole. I am well and truly over that kid...well he's not a kid anymore, he is 28 years old this year. I went in to see him yesterday as he got on the booze and dope and had a big argument with the people he was staying with, was kicked out without his smokes being the soft touch I am I said I would buy him some more. But it will be the last time I help that kid, he has done his dash with me. I nearly thanks to him being argumentive and abusive cause a serious accident....I made a very silly driver error which could have caused myself and others serious trouble....thankfully it didn't. I was fined and lost 3 demerit points.
Tonight he was in the same mood.....yes I did see him, but just to give him back his phone and smokes he left in my car when he stormed off, and thats all I did. He was still moody, still not very agreeable....and did start ranting at me when I said no to him borrowing money as he had nowhere to stay the night, but I drove off leaving him standing there. He's on his own now, he tried ringing me a few times but I told him "no" again and hung up on him.....tough love is what I am trying as I just can't cope with the stress of him anymore.

Leave you with another pic Tanya took on the sly at Paul's and my "sonshine" Simon.

Hubby and I, despite the look of us in the other pic in previous post above did have a very enjoyable night. We are happy...we are ok.


  1. Your treatment towards Shawn might be just what he needs.

  2. congrats on facing the scales.. hard to do, but once done, forget the number and concentrate on day by day :)

    tough love.. as a parent, it's the hardest thing we can do for our children but in some cases, the only thing...

    hugs to you and hubby...

  3. Jen, you have the patience of saint but I think you are right to try tough love. I know for a small amount of time many years ago I had to with my glorious son. Just keep saying no while saying you love him no matter what. Good luck.
    Just take the weight/food issues one day at a time - that's what I am trying to do.

  4. Hang in there Jen! Maybe tough love is just what he needs to turn the corner. Good on you for going back to WW!

  5. Tough Love is the hardest of all for us Mum's to dish out... but I really believe you are doing the right thing by Shawn.
    I wish I lived close enough to give you a huge huge hug mate.