Friday, August 16, 2013

Its a.....

BOY !!!

I thought it was a GIRL but for the first time I guessed wrong, I got right all the other grandee's.
The way Kylee is carrying....and with my gut feeling I was thinking girl....but its going to be a very much loved little boy.
She is over half way now, all going well.....

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting there.....

Well another week is over....and after giving myself licence to eat after I stopped my weight watchers I have managed to slowly drag myself back to eating more sensibly.  I do very well when I am working, I pack lunch and snacks and I stick to what I pack.
Exercise of late has been hit and miss....because hubby is not leaving home at 6am I am not getting out of bed early anymore. My jabberwalk buddy is on holidays so I need to motivate myself more when I am not working. On a busy day at work I do 20,000 steps or on those days I don't bother walking.
No weigh in this week, and I am not weighing myself till the 11th of September....which will be just before Kylee and I fly to Melbourne for a long weekend away where she is going to catch up with some friends and her ex's grandma who she is very close too.
So my goal is to do just do my best..and lets see what happens in the next month.

Excitement plus on Friday, daughter is having an ultrasound to find out what she is having. Her fiancee is coming down and they are booked in at 3pm. I will be hanging on to my phone awaiting the news. My gut feeling is girl. 

Not much else is happening....hubby is enjoying his retirement, the sleep ins. Just have to finish all the pesky paperwork and then he can go claim his old age pension. 

Monday, August 05, 2013

Mojo went missing....

......but I think I have found it again.

Hubby has retired, and I have had to change a few things finance wise....and one of the things to go was my weight watchers unlimited. I know its all in the head, but once I stopped that I began to eat "wrong" though now I don't do weight watchers I can eat whenever, whatever I like....duhhh
The scales have crept up again. All that hard work the past few weeks where I really felt happy about my progress...and had started to see numbers I was liking I have to do all over again. Why do I do this to myself??? 
But one thing I have learnt about myself, is although I do do these stoopid  things...I never give up completely...I never QUIT !!  
Today is a new was yesterday....and tomorrow will be too.