Monday, May 24, 2010

weighed in......

Went to ww mmeting tonight for weigh in...yayyyyy happy to report a 1.1 loss. Was feeling a little apprehensive after my gain last week but having stuck to the plan and managing a few walks during the week paid off for me.
Been very quiet around here, been nowhere, done are all going great. I have booked tickets for Melbourne to visit Kylee, hubby and fly over on the 12th August, by then she will have a few days leave accumalated to spend with us.
Shawn and Shaz move into their house on wednesday....the owners wanted to paint it out for them. It doesn't look much from the outside, but to them its a castle and it will be their home!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Shawn and the nearly 2 year old..Shayden

Monday night was weigh in night. I had had a good week, or so I thought, maybe not enough excersise during the week, but plenty on the weekend, stuck to my points but didn't drink enough water so I thought I'd do well. Nahhhhhhh I GAINED !!! Only .3 grams but none the less a gain. Was STUPID and come home and ate and drank....grrrrrrr a bad habit of mine I just have to change. Thats one challenge for me. Number 2 is keep on track without losing the plot for the rest of this week as number 3 challenge is to be back at goal or close to it anyways when we fly to Melbourne to see DD in August. I am going to do this!

Shayden and his 3 year old sister blowing out the candles

Shawn has had a few challenges given to him over the past weeks and I am proud to say he is taking them head on and meeting most of them! Thats not to say he is doing it easily, believe me he hasn't done it without slip-ups but he hasn't given in. Luckily his lady has stuck by him and Shawn is doing his best to overcome those demons of his.
On Saturday he had his access visit....his eldest son turns 2 this we had a birthday cake for him. Those kids are growing up so quickly...just wish they were all home and out of the darn situation they are in. Nothing more has been happening there...something has to soon surely...they were only taken into care for 2 years, that is up in a few months. Thats one of the reasons Shawn is trying his hardest to get his life on track.....coz if Hannah can't sort herself out Shawn wants to prove to them he can !! Ohhhh nearly forgot...him and his lady move into a rental this week....yep they have got themselves a house. to do a bit more planning....a few challenges to meet this week...I want those "demon scales " to show a downward trend....
.......onwards and downwards.....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day out

Had a lovely day today...I left home early this morning and travelled down to Manjimup and picked Mum up and went out visiting a few old haunts and then on for a lovely lunch.

Wandered around a old mill town we used to live in when I was a teenager reminenising and then Mum fed the kangaroo's and emu's. In the old deli while we had a coffee we found a old photo album and lo and behold found a picture of my late brother when he used to work there....that bought a few tears to the eyes. I really enjoyed the one on one hours with Mum today....going to make sure I do it again soon.

After dropping off Mum, I quickly visited my sister, then rang my brother and asked if he had 10 minutes spare and drove up and put flowers on Dad's grave with him before heading home after a most enjoyable day.
ohhh last night was weigh in night.....goodbye to 1 kilo.....onwards and downwards.....

Friday, May 07, 2010

Mother's day....

Mother's day this weekend and I unfortunately I won't be seeing my mum. Tried to get a day off this week to travel down to Manjimup to see her but couldn't get the time off. We have been sooooo busy at work and I couldn't be spared....nice to know I am needed ehhhh? Thursday and today were frantic....long 11 hour days they were for me!! Monday looks like it will be the same.....but Tuesday I have been told I can have the day off and go see her. Mum was happy to hear that when I rang her tonight and told I wouldn't be down. Hopefully my brother and sister will be spending some time with her over the weekend.
At this stage I have Simon and Tracey travelling down with their clan of 4 so that'll be good. Paul and Tanya will no doubt pop in sometime too and who knows if I'll see Shawn. I spoke to him on the phone today...he and Shaz are still staying with friends but are now in Bunbury and not 30 minutes out of town...makes it easier for his appointments for his councelling/therapy. They still looking for a rental of their own....very hard to come by they are, but here's hoping they get lucky. Not sure how they are travelling....know Shawn is still drinking and using occassionaly and when he does he begins to doubt himself, hope he's strong enough to overcome these doubts as I know it puts pressure on their relationship.
Kylee and Stephen are moving into their own house today and tomorrow....excitement plus for them. All looks lovely from the pics I have seen.....can't wait to see it, we should be flying over in August then they should have a few days holiday due to spend time with us.
Then yeah after that visit its home and start saving $$$$'s for Tassie....yes Nola we will be touring...seeing as much as we I'll keep in contact.

Monday, May 03, 2010

I'm happy....

Yep...definetly happy, I've got my mojo back...I am feeling good. Have had a great 2 weeks and at weigh in tonight those demon scales were nice to me.....2.2 gone !!! Been a little naughty tonight and indulged with a few drinks and a few nibblies, BUT the day is planned for tomorrow, I am going to stay on track. When we go to Melbourne I WILL be very close to if not at goal....and when I get to goal then my goal will be to stay there ready for our Tassie trip!!
This week I am hoping to get a day off work....I want to go down to Manjimup and spend a day with mum. It's Mother's day over the weekend and I just won't have the time to do a trip down then. I have Shawn's kids here for an access visit on Saturday then on Sunday the others will be coming around so I want to enjoy that. I hope to take mum out to lunch then visit a few places we use to go when we were kids....and take some photo's. I bought a new beaut camera a few weeks back and I have had hardly used nice to have a little play
Yawnnnnnnn its been a long day ...... bedtime for me.....nite nite.