Monday, May 03, 2010

I'm happy....

Yep...definetly happy, I've got my mojo back...I am feeling good. Have had a great 2 weeks and at weigh in tonight those demon scales were nice to me.....2.2 gone !!! Been a little naughty tonight and indulged with a few drinks and a few nibblies, BUT the day is planned for tomorrow, I am going to stay on track. When we go to Melbourne I WILL be very close to if not at goal....and when I get to goal then my goal will be to stay there ready for our Tassie trip!!
This week I am hoping to get a day off work....I want to go down to Manjimup and spend a day with mum. It's Mother's day over the weekend and I just won't have the time to do a trip down then. I have Shawn's kids here for an access visit on Saturday then on Sunday the others will be coming around so I want to enjoy that. I hope to take mum out to lunch then visit a few places we use to go when we were kids....and take some photo's. I bought a new beaut camera a few weeks back and I have had hardly used nice to have a little play
Yawnnnnnnn its been a long day ...... bedtime for me.....nite nite.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss Jen :) and the time you have planned with your mum sounds lovely.. have a great rest of week and weekend too :)


  2. Brilliant loss Jen - well done you and so happy for you that you've found your mojo again. Enjoy your time with your Mum Zxx

  3. Well done on the great loss Jen! Enjoy your "mum" time.

    I'm sure you wil have a lot of fun with the new camera:-)

  4. Woo hoo to being back on track and feeling so good mate.

  5. Have I missed something???? What's this about a Tassie trip??? OMG!!!!!!! You had better be coming to the West Coast and staying with me for a night or two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When are you coming? I will message you on FB or something...or you message me!!!! I will definitely try and meet you somewhere if you are not coming over this way. I could get you on the cruise cheap or something!!!!