Monday, April 26, 2010

One week down....

Yep its one week down and all's well. I have followed the plan 100% ....real proud of myself, been a angel I have!!! Should have been heading off to my meeting tonight but being a public holiday there is no meet, so another week to go before I can find out how I have gone. I could weigh on my scales...but nahhh I'll leave it to next Monday, that way I think I'll stay more focused.
Everything else is great, saw Shawn and Shaz on Saturday arvo, met him in town, they are happy and all his therapy is going well. He had court on Friday and his urinalis tests are showing that he has cut wayyyyyyy down on his cannabis use...well done Shawn. They are still living with a friend, no place of their own yet, neither of them have jobs.....Shaz is actively looking as is Shawn but he is finding it harder as he can only work certain days due to his therapy and councelling.
Kylee and Stephen are still waiting to move into their house, they should after an inspection from their bank have the keys next week. They have done their final inspection and all the things they wanted recified have been done.
We will fly over in a few months time and have a long weekend with them and have a look at the house...counting down already. Kylee also wants me, and a few others, to do an oversea's trip with her before she starts her family....she doesn't want to go to Bali again so is looking at Penang or Phuket. I would love to go having never been oversea's so am thinking about it thats for sure. This will be a good 12 months or so away plenty of time to think.
Our next trip, after our brief visit to Kylee, will be another camping will be with some good friends of ours (who we travelled with in the NT) driving across the nullabour and heading over to tour Tassie....that will be in February next year..thats not all that far away, time sure is flying by.


  1. Well done on having such a good week - and I think once you get a couple of good weeks under your belt it gives you a bit of momentum and it's easier to maintain the focus. Here's to another good one for you Zxx

  2. Well done chick.
    It's so nice to read that everyone is doing well in your family right now.

  3. It's lovely when everything trundles along smoothly isn't it? Good luck this week.

  4. Great fresh start for you:-)

    So pleased to hear about Shawn - fingers crossed - it does sound like he's on the right track:-)

  5. Tassie... did I see Jen is coming to TASSIE!!!! Woohoo...
    As for the weight thing... you know we are both in the same boat... I am still up between 6 & 7 kilos from my lightest and I cant seem to get my mojo back.. being sick at the moment and all the other crap going on isnt helping either... I turn 40 in December..and I would really love to be looking my best by then.. *sigh* oh well.. hopefully when I get back from Melbourne I will get my drive back!