Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My favourite pics

This is Paul and myself watching the kids as they strutted their stuff down the ailse.
A pic I took of Kylee as the photograher was organising her for pics.

This is Kylee thanking her Dad before we left for the wedding.

These are my favourite pics of the wedding....

Today I am off to the airport to pick the happy couple up as they fly in from their honeymoon in Bali....they from the sounds of it have had a great time. The only disappointment I have heard about is not being able to go parasailing as she was told she was too fat!! Bloody hell nothing like being told ....darn rude I thought!!

Thankfully easter is over....I have done nothing but eat and am really starting to feel like a whale out of water!! Hopped on the scales and I am 10 kilo's over the top of of my goal range. Its time I put the brakes on and started getting my shit together again.

I go back to weight watchers on the 19th April...but need to stabalise myself before then.

Anyways best go get myself organised and get ready to head off to Perth...meeting up with a girlfriend at one of the shopping centres for lunch before going to the airport.


  1. That photo of you is just GORGEOUS Jen!

  2. Yep I love that photo of you too - mind you I also love the one of you and Ted. And that one of Kylee kissing her Dad is so special. Good luck with getting back on track. Zxx

  3. Have loved seeing all the photos. Kylee looks beautiful, the venue looks wonderful and you look gorgeous!

    Great to meet up with you both:-)

  4. I have loved looking at all the photos!! You just looked spectacular in that outfit and your hair and everything...divine:)