Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More wedding pics

As promised here are a few more pics....

I am still coming down from the high of the wedding.....actually feel quite deflated now its all over, the day just was not long enough. So much time, effort and planning and now its all over.

But at least all the pressure is off of me and I am now starting to get myself back on track...hubby was right ehhhh? I am back eating sensibley and not even wanting all the junk I was craving and eating leading up to the wedding.

Shawn rang me today, him and Shaz applied to homeswest for rent assistance and received notice today that they would get help. They are looking at a house tomorrow, a private rental. Shawn is quite excited about it as since he has been with Shaz they have shared houses with friends.....never been alone with Shaz in a home before.

Kylee and Stephen are having a ball in Bali....tomorrow they are off riding elephants and planning to go white water rafting. She recons they'll come back 5 kilo's lighter too....the weather is so humid, all they are doing is sweating !!


  1. 'Loving the pictures - tried to comment yesterday but it wouldn't play. The picture of you and Ted ids gorgeous - you looked absolutely stunning in your outfit. And all the grandies are just adorable. Zxx

  2. pictures are great - you all look stunning, and what a beautiful wedding set up.


  3. Blogger is being an arse!
    Love all the photos, they are stunning.

  4. It all looks perfect. It is amazing how stress affects us isnt it? Glad everything is back on track and going well.