Monday, March 22, 2010

Its been all go....

Anne and me when she called in...

Kylee and some of her neices and nephews.
Its been all go here....
I finished work on Thursday afternoon and started preparing for the wedding.
Friday night we travelled up to Perth and picked up Kylee and since then it has been all go.
Hens night was saturday night, was a great night but Kylee and I were very tired so we didn't make it a late one. Sunday we had visitors and Monday it was run run run again. The wedding dress had to be taken into the drycleaners, Kylee had to have all her injections etc for travelling to, makeup and nails appointments and trial runs had to be organised.....and the list goes on.
Today was a early morning start to get to Perth airport again to pick up the groom to be....
And me...well I am tired, and stress eating. Since the week I bought my wedding outfit I have put on over 5 kilo's......sure hope those Trinny & Suzanne knickers are going to pull me in enough. My oroxine tabs for my thyroid had run out of they weren't making things any easier for me....ahhhhhhhhh shit!! But I am sure things will turn out fine....won't they?


  1. And they did!!! Fantastic photo of you and Anne. You will need to sleep for a month when you get back home!

  2. "waves hi to Anne"... lovely photo of the two of you.
    And I am sure things will work out fine girl!
    And your knickers will hold all the wobbly bits in for sure! lol

  3. it will be much better than fine my dear, everything will be FANTASTIC!!! you will look stunning and all your hard work and running about will be soooooo worth it xxxxxx