Wednesday, March 03, 2010

All's good

All is going good. I am going along well, totally on track. Had no weigh in on Monday evening, it was a public holiday, so next Monday hopefully those demon scales will tell me I am back where I was at my last weigh in.....thats what I am hoping anyway.

Shawn had an access visit with his kids on Saturday.....and I was so rapt with him, he was soooooooo relaxed and happy and it really showed and the kids I am sure noticed it too. You can see it in the pic of him I have posted with his little men.

He also came out here on Sunday...and his father noticed how different he was. He appears more relaxed, less agitated and a whole lot happier, maybe its the new lady showing him love and support too. I found out she is 43, 15 years older than him but heyyyyyy I don't care, if she is the reason for this change then its alright by me!! He doesn't look as thou he is doing drugs, or if he is he is doing them a whole lot less....thou I know he still drinking.

He came out to work today with his lady, he had his first session with his councillor but he was early for the meeting so came out to see if he could borrow some money.....soft touch I am, I gave it to him. I don't think he is going to buy drugs, not when he has to report in 3 time a week for a urinalis. By the 26th March when he has his next court appearance his drug levels in his urine HAVE to be down if he wants to stay on this program and not go to jail.


  1. I really hope that Shawn is now settling down. Sounds like the new lady is very good for him.

    Great photos:-)

  2. Awwww darling wee grandsons! Fingers crossed Shawn is indeed doing well.

  3. So glad everything is settling down. Weddings are stressful enough with extra stuff going on. Good luck with your weigh in. I too have been dodging the scales but finally drummed up enough courage and have put on 1 kilo in 2 weeks. Bit of a bummer but will try to get back on the wagon again. That is if it doesnt run me over! LOL.
    Take care.