Friday, February 26, 2010

Sit ups

Despite all that has been going on I have stayed focused and NOT eaten my emotions....quite proud of myself I am!

My girlfriend went shopping yesterday for me and left this machine sitting on my doorstep. She knows I am very slack with my sit ups and also knows when I do them that I lose those inches around the tum a lot quicker. Just have to get Ted to make it up for me...I could try but I had my thumb jammed in my car door yesterday and it is throbbing, its black and blue and soooooo close to the wedding it looks as thou I might lose the nail!! Never realised how much we do use how thumbs till now.

Day off today, from going to work anyways....Shawn has court so I'll do a update on that later.

Other son rang me last night and apologised about losing his cool over the wedding....alls cool there now I think and he's going to ring his sister and work things out.
The patio is coming along nicely and it won't be too much longer now before it is all finished, still a bit to do but we are getting there.
*** Update....Shawn did well at court....last court appearance 2 weeks ago (not relating to vro) he was put on a drug therapy programme so they are willing to give him a month to prove next court appearance is March 26th...a day before the wedding!!!
He was with his new lady today who I met for the first time.....she is a bit older than him, but I think just what he needs. Today his eyes were clear, he was focused, he was happy....nearly my Shawn of we'll see what happens now.


  1. Oh my, I do so hope for your sake and Shawn's that he's got his act together. And what a lovely freind to give you that exercise equipment!

  2. Oh great news about Shawn - everything's crossed that he's able to maintain - amazing what a good woman can do too! Zxx