Friday, February 12, 2010


Why is that every time I get myself on track and am going well and losing weight that something or someone comes along and I lose the plot ?????
I have had a few bloody terrible days and have turned to my usual comfort of food !!! I know I am doing it but do I stop myself...nahhhhhhhh talk about bloody stoopid. I really wonder about myself sometimes....I have Kylee's wedding at the end of March and its been a dream of mine to attend looking my best so why am I doing this to myself?? Can I get my shit together again and get myself back on track....ohhhhh heck I bloody hope so !!!!!
Today I am home...have court this morning, heck knows what kind of mood Shawn is going to be and him have had a few runs ins this week and I have had to hang up on him. Wonder if any decisions will be made today and if he will receive his sentence??
Will be back later......
Back again.....and very pissed off, Shawn's legal rep DID not show, and after he was hauled over the coals by the magistrate he was told to show up again on the 26th Feb for sentencing. He gave a big sigh of relief and I think he is realising how much trouble he is in. He has court again on Monday for another incident and he could quite well end up in big trouble there too.
Anyways the best news of all was today I found my outfit for the wedding.....walked into a shop today and looked at one outfit I quite liked that was on display and then turned around and saw the one and after trying it on I just had to have I bought it there and then....
Downside is that is one size bigger than I would have liked but you know what I don't care, I LOVE IT and it fits good and better still I feel gorgeous in it !!


  1. thinking of you jen while you're at court...

    it's never too late to pick yourself and move on.. you can still attend that wedding looking your absolute best, just don't give up!!!

    just pick yourself and start again.. as many times as it takes.. just don't give up.


  2. I hope things went well today at court.

  3. Pos, putting this out there ( and I wouldnt if I knew your email address) but I am having one of those days too today. For no reason (and you have good ones). Anyway read Sue at Bounding - it is about balance and she is a wise woman just like you. Have a good weekend.

  4. Jen thinking of you. So glad that you found a great outfit for Kylies wedding! Far better to feel fantastic in the gorgeous new outfit than worrying about dropping a few kilos before the wedding! You will lose the weight again when you are in the right frame of mind. So hard to do when there are so many stresses in your life. Hats off to you though for continuing to go to your weekly meetings!!