Saturday, February 06, 2010


Thats been Shawn and his behaviour....most of the week I believe he has been obnoxious and I have had nothing to do with him. But today I had to go see him and get him to sign some paperwork and he was really good. He hit me a weak moment too....I was so happy to see him over his very down mood that I did give him $50 when he requested it!! I am too soft and weak I guess. Know its all not going to go on food as he said but will be spent on booze....drat me !! I have no trouble in not helping him out when he is in one of his moods....but in the frame of mind he was in today gave me a little ray of hope. He was with a mate that he used to hang around with when he was at school, and they were working on a deal to swap one of Shawn unlicienced 4x4's for a car that his mate had but didn't use great if it all works out for them, Shawn needs wheels. Lets hope he gets them and he does get to use them. Court is on next Friday and he is really worried about going to jail...yet when I suggested today that he ask his lawyer to plead that jail is not what he needs but a rehab he said he would rather go to jail...go figure !!!!! Just hoping that that attitude will change when it comes down to the crunch. His case worker thinks it will, she says he is scared of rehab as he has been once before and it failed yet he is equally scared of going to jail.

Anyways my week has been good, exersise and food wise....had a few nights where I have been hungry but have not given in to the bikkie barrel and have eaten healthy low point we will see what those demon scales have to say to me come Monday night.

Been working hard on our patio so getting extra bonus points by digging out all the lawn and pulling out all those pavers and carting away.....phewwwwww but with all that extra outdoor area it will be worth it. Its getting there and looking good ehhhh?

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  1. I hope things go well for Shawn at court.
    Well done on all the hard work with the Patio... It's excercise afterall!