Monday, February 01, 2010

Have today off....

Today I have off and hopefully I can achieve a few of the things I have set myself to do.
Have started the day off with a 45 minute walk.....weigh in this evening so I'll postscript that later.
I have donned the "big girl" panties and have been very strict on Shawn. Most of the time it has been easy coz he has been been at his worst. He has rang and wanted and I have been very strong and have said no....very adamantly too, and if he starts arguing with me or starts abusing me I just hang up on him. Very annoyed with him as the one thing he did have going for him was his job...but nahhhh he got in a snit one evening and quit !!! Think he regrets it now as I have heard via Hannah that he thinks the courts are going to hold that against him at his next hearing... and I think they will too !!!
He rang last night, was very agreeable with me and has asked if I would bring his tent in and leave at a friends house.....sounds as thou he has been kicked out of where ever he was staying and needs somewhere to sleep. So I guess I will do that for him.
I have got onto one of the DCP carers that I got friendly with when she was bringing the kids out here on their access visits and have told her all that is going on. She has since spoke to Shawns 1st case worker and he is going to do his best in finding some sort of help for Shawn. Here's hoping that something can be done as he agrees with me that Shawn needs to go to rehab and not jail....he needs help even if he doesn't think he does!! This case worker is a great guy and he did get on well with Shawn, so fingers crossed that something can be done between now and his next court case on the 12th.
The meeting tonight was good....and the demon scales were nice to me again....1.1 gone this week, yay !


  1. I really wish there was something I could say to help Jen... No-one deserves all the crap you go through with your son. Hugs to you! And thanks for dropping by my blog...nice to know someone keeps an eye on me!

  2. I don't have the words either Jen, but I am sending you a million ***HUGS***. I am glad there is a case worker who is genuinely caring, I hope he gets that help too. Good on you for sticking to your guns though, you are a wonderful, amazing, courageous woman, and you don't desearve all this rubbish!! ****HUGS****

  3. This is what you have to do!! You have to stay strong and not give in to Shawn. We have just found out that Ricky's daughter is touching the drugs along also!! What is with these kids!!?? All we can do is be there but not try and do it all for them or keep "fixing" things. Good luck is a tough road but we are here if you need an ear.

  4. Honestly, be strong Jen. It seems mean now but in the long run it will help him. Dont cut off contact though - you cant leave him without anyone.
    Yay for the weight loss - you are doing so well.