Friday, February 19, 2010


Yay I didn't think Friday was ever going to come this has been so busy as per usual and I just haven't felt 100%.
Most nights I have been waking up with sore and crampy legs and hips, just can't get comfortable and thus of course I not getting enough sleep. Don't feel like walking, thou I know I should, I always do feel better for it afterwards. Funny thing with these aches/cramps is that it is only during the night, I stand all day at work and my legs don't get sore at the end of the day I am tired and feel like putting my feet up BUT the legs don't ache.
Got some tablets from the chemist today...Crampeze...which were recommended to me by a friend suffering the same problem so trying them...lets hope for a improvement.
No weigh in again this coming week....I know what the scales will say and it certainly won't say down....another bad week to add on to last weeks. Sheeeeeez I better get my ass into gear or I won't fit into that wedding outfit if I keep going on like this.
Tomorrow a friend and I will be doing our pamphet jabberwalk.......then its off down to Manjimup to see my family and go to a speedway meeting. A birthday treat for me.

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  1. Oh jen, *hugs* x 100! I hope the crampeze works well for you, and you get some rest! it is so hard to keep going if you are not getting rest.

    I love your outfit for the wedding though, you are going to look lovely!