Monday, February 22, 2010

No weigh

No weigh in darn scared to hop on them, the last 2 weeks have been terrible for me. So close to the wedding and I lose the plot. I have had 18 months since the date was set for the wedding to keep myself trim, I had 7 months when I come back from hols in the NT in August to do something but noooooooooooo I haven't managed to do anything. I am still roughly the same weight as what I was when I come back from hols. And after a weekend of celebrating my birthday with lots of eating and drinking maybe weigh even more !!

But today I got myself back on track...and hopefully I can stay there till the wedding. Have had no problems with Shawn.....but tonight Simon rang me tonight and went off his tree about the kids not being welcome at the wedding reception, really got his knickers in a knot he has. He is denying he knew anything about the kids not being invited (although they are involved in the wedding ceremony)...and is now chucking the shits......recons he is not coming now, and hung up on me. Kylee tried ringing him when I told her, but he refused to answer his/their phone. I hate it being this way with him, my stomache is churning and I am upset.....BUT if he wants to carry on like this so be it, but I hope he/they gets over it.


  1. Don't worry or stress aout your weight, you looked lovely in the outfit just as you are.

    Weddings! Children or not having children at a wedding causes so many disagreements. End of the day, it's Kylee's wedding and they should respect what she wants.

  2. we went to a cousins wedding - children were invited to ceremony but not reception - we decided to not take them (out of town) the couple had arranged baby sitters for those with children. Another cousins wedding she had organised baby sitters who stayed with the children during meal and put them to bed (wedding was all at a hotel venue)it is so expensive these days MOST people understand not including children and it means you can relax and have a good time.

    Hope it gets sorted.

    Jackie (NZ)

  3. i must say Jen i agree 100% with Annes comments both on your weight and the wedding dilema's... you look absolutly stunning in your outfit sweets, dont stress on the kg's, stressing only seems to make it harder! And it is Kylee's day, she should be aloud to do as she pleases as im sure she will xxx

  4. Bloody kids! Don't let them derail your weight loss efforts with all that stress!

  5. Would love to catch up if we can. Do you live right in Perth? We arrive over on the 12th, pick up the camper van on the 13th and head away. I would iamgine we would be in the area for a few days, want to see Rottnest Island for a starter. Got a bit of planning to do now we've booked the tickets.