Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A...is for active. 4 or 5 days a week see me going to Curves, followed by a 30 to 45 minute walk with the dog.
B...is for breakfast, which is a daily must, whether it be a cooked one, which I usually do on the weekends, or cereal which I usually have weekdays.
C...is for comfort, after a busy day nothing better than coming home and donning my pj's.
D...is for diet...at the moment it is good :-)
E...is for exercise, which I get plenty of.
F...is for fuel...which is what I am doing with my food, making sure I eat the right foods to keep my body going.
G...is for good, and thats what I am feeling right now.
H...is for happy..that I am :-) 
I...is for icy...its damn cold here !!
J...is for Jenna...my favourite name..love my grandies.
K...is for kitchen....still waiting, waiting, waiting for my new one :-(
L...is for lazy...can't wait for a lazy weekend....
M...is for mum, happy that mine is still with us.
N...is for neices and nephew....so happy that they have re-connected with us...the smile all their faces show how happy they all are.
Tom, Tammi, Kylee and Tasha
 O...is for open. My house was open on Sunday to my lovely neices and nephew and their delightful partners and children.
P...is for my pj's...my favourite piece of clothing at the moment. Now that I am working fulltime I love to come home and have a hot shower and don the old flannette pj's :-)
Q...shhhhh gotta be quiet...dear daughter has started night shift...12 midnight to 8am.....
R...is for right...everything seems to be right in my little world at the moment.
S...is for Sister..and seeing her big smile on Sunday meeting our nephew and neices....and the lovely phone call I received that night from her thanking me for sharing the day with her.
T...is for thanks for all the blessings in my life at the moment.
U...is for the understanding my family and friends have given me the past few months as I struggled with my health.
V...is for voucher, I have one to spend when I lose 5 kilo's.
W...is for wages....loving the extra money the extra hours are giving me.
X...is for x-ray, glad I didn't have to have one.
Y...is for yogurt...my favourite sweet. I have found a unsweetened and flavoured greek yogurt, its so creamy and filling.
Z...is for zone...I am in the right zone, long may it last.                   

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tomorrow night....

I am back off to my little weight watchers meeting.
I just have to go....I NEED to hop on those scales in front of someone and have the number read out. It HAS to sink in that the number is getting TOO high....and despite the health problems I have been having I HAVE to get my eating under control.
I have been better than what I was....but I am still self-sabotaging myself by eating crap!!  I know that I am doing wrong...but I seem to think that I will get it under control and " a little bit won't hurt" !  But those little bits are getting bigger "little bits" !
 Right...its on with it again...I can't let my weight get away from me...I refuse to...I can do it, can't I?

Thursday, June 14, 2012


We have had a week of really bad weather...storms with very strong winds getting up to 140k's an hour have buffeted the south west. A lot of damage has been recorded all through the south west. We have been lucky, a few trees have blown down on our block, lots of branches and debris but no damage to our house or sheds. Our power was off for a few hours most days during the week...but in some area's power still  has not been restored. 

Health wise...I am slowly getting on top of things.  
Unfortunately last week I was also struggling with a bad back, and unable to go to Curves or do much walking....but I started back at Curves again on Monday. Today I had my 2nd assessment...results were not as bad as I thought they would be...weight was higher than when I started but I am dealing with that...next month it will be down again!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Slowly improving

Am slowly on the improve. Still have a appetite but with the help of lots of water and vitamins I am keeping it under control, well better than I was.
Blood results showed my hormones have hit rock bottom, vitamin levels are low as is my iodine levels....and thyroid doses need to be slightly increased.
Doctor says it is a combination of thyroid and menopause....and if I can get the hormone levels up, increase my dosage of oroxine and vitamins (espesially vitamin D) I will get back to normal.
It seems to be improving daily and it needs too...the scales have hit a number that is higher than it has been for 5 years.

Now on with the re-connection of our family with my neices and nephews.  
Above is my brother, Tasha, Tammi, mum and Thomas. They all met up at the Dome on Monday...unfortunately I had to work but my time will come again. I have connected with Tammi and her husband a few times but as yet I haven't met up with Tash or Tom.
I have started the scrapbook for them. Tammi took it at our last meet up and has said Tash & Tom love it. I have worked on a few more pages for them and I am enjoying it.

Its nearly bedtime for me. I have started working 5 days a week and I am in my first week of it...its tiring! I am used to just 2 days a week plus the odd shift here and there. 
I have 8 weeks of this...going to miss my days at home, but the extra $$'s are going to come in handy.