Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A...is for active. 4 or 5 days a week see me going to Curves, followed by a 30 to 45 minute walk with the dog.
B...is for breakfast, which is a daily must, whether it be a cooked one, which I usually do on the weekends, or cereal which I usually have weekdays.
C...is for comfort, after a busy day nothing better than coming home and donning my pj's.
D...is for diet...at the moment it is good :-)
E...is for exercise, which I get plenty of.
F...is for fuel...which is what I am doing with my food, making sure I eat the right foods to keep my body going.
G...is for good, and thats what I am feeling right now.
H...is for happy..that I am :-) 
I...is for icy...its damn cold here !!
J...is for Jenna...my favourite name..love my grandies.
K...is for kitchen....still waiting, waiting, waiting for my new one :-(
L...is for lazy...can't wait for a lazy weekend....
M...is for mum, happy that mine is still with us.
N...is for neices and nephew....so happy that they have re-connected with us...the smile all their faces show how happy they all are.
Tom, Tammi, Kylee and Tasha
 O...is for open. My house was open on Sunday to my lovely neices and nephew and their delightful partners and children.
P...is for my pj's...my favourite piece of clothing at the moment. Now that I am working fulltime I love to come home and have a hot shower and don the old flannette pj's :-)
Q...shhhhh gotta be quiet...dear daughter has started night shift...12 midnight to 8am.....
R...is for right...everything seems to be right in my little world at the moment.
S...is for Sister..and seeing her big smile on Sunday meeting our nephew and neices....and the lovely phone call I received that night from her thanking me for sharing the day with her.
T...is for thanks for all the blessings in my life at the moment.
U...is for the understanding my family and friends have given me the past few months as I struggled with my health.
V...is for voucher, I have one to spend when I lose 5 kilo's.
W...is for wages....loving the extra money the extra hours are giving me.
X...is for x-ray, glad I didn't have to have one.
Y...is for yogurt...my favourite sweet. I have found a unsweetened and flavoured greek yogurt, its so creamy and filling.
Z...is for zone...I am in the right zone, long may it last.                   


  1. Nice post Chick.
    I'm in the zone right now too.. long may it last too!

  2. Lovely to read:-) Have a great weekend!

  3. What a great post - do you mind if I use it on my blog in the future ?

    Have the best weekend ever !

    Thanks for the encouragement for tomorrow - all virtual cheering very welcome !!

    Love, hugs and positive energy.