Friday, July 06, 2012


C 'mon its ice-cream time
 Shawn had his access visit on the weekend. Decided as Kylee is doing night shifts that we would take them down the park. They had a ball down there, the park is on the edge of the estuary, so the kids were able to run around and enjoy the wonderful weather. Whilst they were playing I went over to the shops and bought them all fish and chips...they thought it was awesum!!
Just after they finished lunch, Kylee came down and joined in the fun...she loves her neices and nephews, and tries to spend as much time as she can with them.
Brother and Sister

She, despite all Shawn's " troubles" gets on well with him. Just wish for the sake of himself and his health, and for his kids...he'd give up his "habit" and live a drug free life. Each day I pray that he does as the more he uses the more he tends to "need" it !
We had a meeting today with his case worker from DCP ....his access visits are soon going to be changed to twice visit with him at his house (Shawn is meeting her at his house on the 19th) and the other here at mine. Instead of all day visits, they will be 4 hourly so the kids get good quality time. After a full day visit they tend to get tired and grumpy...

Anyways...its been a long week...this working fulltime is very tiring...but its enjoyable too. The $$'s are sure handy too.

Weigh in was last night, a stay the same...

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  1. I hope your son can find a way to overcome his problems. Addiction is heartbreaking for everyone.