Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day of rest....

Today I have a day that I really really need. I have been working fulltime for 6 weeks now and its really taken its toll, heck knows how I used to cope when I was out on the farm working.
Anyways today I have planned nothing much at all...except a catch up with one of my neices for lunch....which I am really looking forward to.
This has been me of late. It seems to get out of control after work and the last few days I have been super bad!  Today is a day all about "me" and I think its because its been all work, work, and work and no "me" time thats bought on the eating. Hopefully because I have aknowledged it I can keep it under control.

Now....super news. My kitchen renovation that I have been wanting is going to at long last happen. The rangehood, the cooktop, the oven., dishwasher..and the kitchen sink have been bought...and plans are just about done. Its a flat-pack, diy, but its being done to MY design, MY I am happy.


  1. Oh how exciting :) pics plz when u get it done

  2. That is such great news about the kitchen. Yes pictures please.
    I agree with everything on that list but I would also add age too.

  3. *SQUEALS* before and after photos of your kitchen!!!!!!

    Take em NOW!

    I love seeing renovations.

    And I'm an emotional eater from WAY BACK. Sadly.

  4. This is such a hard habit to break - I seem to be able to do it for a while and then it gets the better of me. I am a work in progress on this one !!!!

    YAY for your kitchen renovations - can't wait to see the before and after pictures !!!!

    Have a great week.