Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whats been happening?

Sheymus, Jessica, Thomas and Zoe
Not a real lot. Getting quite frustrated with the kitchen, so want to show you all....but still waiting for a few things before it is finished. Need the electrician to come back and put a switch into the fridge recess so I can move that to where it belongs. A cupboard door that we had to send back as it was the wrong colour hasn't been replaced yet. A rack for one the cupboards has yet to be fitted....but I guess in time it will be ALL done.

I had the grandees this weekend. So awesome, haven't had time with them for ages. Mum and Dad went to Perth for a seminar so I had them all weekend. The happy bunch above is them waiting impatiently for their mini pizza's too cook :-)
Jessica told me some exciting news while she was here, she has been selected in the STATE team for  a PCYC gymnastics event in a few weeks time....how awesome ehh, one very proud Jenna here.
All 4 of them are very athletic and enjoy competing.

A very busy few weeks for me coming up, from now till the 17th October I will be working fulltime again...weekends off thankfully. Money I guess will come in handy and most of the shifts are early morning ones...so afternoons will be mine.  Thankfully as on Thursday evening my daughter flies off on a trip of a lifetime to Europe.

Weigh in this morning....another 500g off, whatever I am doing is right...long may it last.

Well must run....due for work shortly.  

Friday, September 14, 2012

September on our block

Golden yellow Grevillea

Geraldton wax

Bacon and Egg

Donkey Orchid

Cowslip Orchids
All going well here.
Have had some absoluteeeely gorgeous days here and this weekend it is meant to be even nicer...going to enjoy it. Definetly Spring has sprung.
Going to get some gardening in, lots of weeds in the garden need to be gone.
Also hoping to get into town and look at a Macro lens for my camera....these pics were taken on a macro setting but need a macro lens to get the detail just right.
We have over 2.5 acres has our house block and a lot of it we have kept natural bush, lots of gorgeous orchids and wildflowers pop up. Have some hibiscus and my roses, but to make it easier on us we plant as many native plants as we can. The birds love it too...love watching them flittering around the shrubs.

Weigh in was earlier this week, another good loss, long may it last.

Kitchen should be finished this weekend, only waiting on a cupboard door, one was sent in the wrong colour. Pics will go up soon.

Friday, September 07, 2012

All going good

We are heading into the football finals...my West Coast Eagles play in a elimination finals this weekend. Go Eagles...you can do it....

Last week I went to a seminar hoping, but at the same time very sceptical, that what I was going to hear and do would help me lose weight.
I walked out of the seminar 2 hours later, still very sceptical, but I put into practise  what he said to do...and this week I have had a loss of 1.3 kilo's.
My girlfriend went to the same seminar the week before and is doing exceptionally well, having lost 5 kilo's already.
Will see what the next few weeks bring.

Kitchen is coming along....hopefully this weekend it should be finished....and yes I promise pics will go up. Just been looking for some old pics....but couldn't find any, BUT I did take a few before we started, not good ones but enough for you to see the transformation...I do love it !!
Only decision we will have to make is the splashback behind the cooktop....going to leave the old tiles that are there for now until we decide on the colour of the new one. Maybe when you see the pics you can give me your thoughts...I want something that will bring out the duller colours in the bench tops.

Right, time to go....have a lunch date today and I haven't even started any housework yet.