Friday, September 14, 2012

September on our block

Golden yellow Grevillea

Geraldton wax

Bacon and Egg

Donkey Orchid

Cowslip Orchids
All going well here.
Have had some absoluteeeely gorgeous days here and this weekend it is meant to be even nicer...going to enjoy it. Definetly Spring has sprung.
Going to get some gardening in, lots of weeds in the garden need to be gone.
Also hoping to get into town and look at a Macro lens for my camera....these pics were taken on a macro setting but need a macro lens to get the detail just right.
We have over 2.5 acres has our house block and a lot of it we have kept natural bush, lots of gorgeous orchids and wildflowers pop up. Have some hibiscus and my roses, but to make it easier on us we plant as many native plants as we can. The birds love it watching them flittering around the shrubs.

Weigh in was earlier this week, another good loss, long may it last.

Kitchen should be finished this weekend, only waiting on a cupboard door, one was sent in the wrong colour. Pics will go up soon.


  1. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous. You are so lucky to have such beautiful flowers at your doorstep. Good news about the weight loss too. Sometimes all the planets align dont they?
    Looking forward to kitchen pictures.

  2. Beautiful photos. Really lovely to take time to enjoy nature.

    I'm looking forward to seeing kitchen photos as well:-)

  3. Lovely photos ! I wish we lived on a bigger block of land - it would be so good. Now that we aren't packing shelves at night maybe it is something we will consider.
    Have the best day and good luck with getting your kitchen finished this weekend !
    Take care !