Thursday, July 02, 2009


.....on camping holiday and won't be back for 6 weeks.

On Saturday, my dear Mum turned 80 !! Congratulations Mum, we love you. So happy you enjoyed the little get together/celebration we gave you. Pity the weather was crap and you didn't get to have your harley time ehhhh?

My mum cutting her gorgeous cake....mmmm it looked great but tasted even better!

My little sister Pauline, mum, my big brother Rodney and me
Alls been going okay in the world of Jen....its been a busy time, packing for this camping trip away. We are heading off inland out into the desert, will cross the NT/WA border and come out at the Olga's, will visit Ayers Rock, tour the Mcdonnell Ranges, Alice Spring, Katherine, Lichfield Nat Park, Darwin, come down the Wa coast ducking inland now and then to check out a few places as we head home.
Went to weigh in on Monday night, not impressed as I stuck to my points 100% (but didn't excersiseas it was to wet and darn cold) and ended up gaining 400grams......hhmmmmmmm!
Anyways....I have been naughty these past few days and been eating crap.....but I have made a promise to myself that I will not over-indulge while I am away and come back a blob like I did when I went to Melbourne. Have packed my food calculator and skipping for now, be good, be safe, and we'll see you all in 6 weeks.....byeeeeeeeee