Monday, October 31, 2011

Forum was a success

Our ww federation forum was a went really well. Didn't manage to get many pics...but have this one above. The empty table is my and the other 10 ladies were still running around doing last minute things.
We had 200 ladies, 2 men, 23 clubs represented and all our entertainment arrived on time and performed to applause. We had singers/guitarists, a personal trainer spoke and had volunteers in the background demonstrating easy fitness and toning excersises, a comedienne and a talk and slide show on the dolphins that come into visit at our Dolphin center in our town, and the facilities in the center (like a touch pool for the kiddies) and the eco boat tours. All these people were volunteers and entertained us at no cost to our club. We did give them a token gift of appreciation.
Our club sponsors one of the dolphins that regularly visits the center.
Our ladies cooked up a storm and supplied a beautiful morning and afternoon tea....and our caterers outdid themselves with a very appetising lunch.
A lot of hard work went into the event and it all payed off. We had nothing but praise and appreciation from everyone. A big sigh of relief now that it is all over....someone elses turn next year.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meeting tonight .....

.... turned out to be a there and there was NO POWER !!!
So tonight I came home and hopped on my scales and had a quick showed me a loss...not the kilo I was hoping for but enough to make me smile.
Now my scales have been put away, I can't weigh myself during the week, my weight flucuates from day to day,  and to see that does me head in !!!

Now that I have had no weigh in recorded this week my challenge to myself is to don those joggers daily and make sure I walk 30 minutes plus a day.
Ohhhh and I have STILL had no choccies or bikkies....thats 28 days now.....
I have started Zumba Fitness & Toning once a week as well....though this week coming there will be might have to get my pilates dvd out of hiding and do that,  need to do something to help out my core.
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Our ww club is hosting a ww forum, we have over 200 ladies from all over the south west and we have to cater morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea plus entertain them as well.  Ths is happening Saturday, so tomorrow we have the hall we have hired to set up for a early morning start on Saturday.
Sunday, I have Shawn and his 4 kids for his access visit.  Ohhhh and talking of Shawn, he starts a new job on Monday...he is so happy about that.
Kylee has the house up for sale. Stephen is hiring storage space so Kylee can de-clutter the house....all looks promising.  She has stepped down from night supervisor so she can have all day her more time at home with her animals.

Now here is hoping for a good week......

Friday, October 21, 2011

Am getting there...

Last night my good friend and I went to our little weight loss group we go to, we both weighed in, she lost 500grams, I stayed the same !!! She is now 300grams of her goal weight again. I am sooooooooo proud of her BUT at the same time I am so green with envy.

It could have been me to, but I eat my emotions...thus I am right back where I am now. I have been working so hard this week and was disappointed when the scales didn't move down BUT I will hang in there...I know I am losing inches as a lot of my clothes tell me so. We'll see what the scales say next week.
Next week I will cheering along with Deb as she reaches her goal weight....and she will be walking right along side me every day till I get to my goal again.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend already and no.....!!

My week has been bought to you by headaches, runny nose and coughs!
Could I PLEASE get some new sponsers...I am over these ones!!
I spent most of last weekend either in bed, or sitting here in my chair playing on here, or reading. I was feeling so yuk! As the week has gone on I have got better, thou I still have a headful of cold and a persistent cough.

I am still waiting to hear from the guy that came and did my last kitchen quote, was hoping to this week...will have to give him a ring on Monday if nothing heard. I really liked him, his idea's and hopefully his cost as I so want this new kitchen to be happening soon !

Kylee is ok, has her moments still. Has this weekend off and hopes to get a few more things packed up ready to move across. The house is yet to be put on the market...still waiting for Stephen to get that organised. The way things are going it looks as though she won't be here for awhile.

Mr troublesome one is having a birthday today....he is 29.
I thought with him losing his job and the mood he was in when he was out here with his kids a few weeks back that he might revert back to some of his old ways.....but so far he hasn't !!
Hubby and I bought him some tobacco & cigarettes for him as a birthday he hasn't been able to get his centerlink organised yet!

I have gone off the ww pro-points for the moment, and trying to just plan and track my food and NOT count points. So far it has been working....I am more relaxed, am eating well and the last 2 weighs in have shown a loss.
I also made a pledge NOT to eat chocolates or bikkies until the day we leave for the wedding....not ONE piece of chocolate OR a biscuit has passed my lips now for 16 days now...
I WILL fit into that dress for the wedding and wear it with a big smile on my face. I have only worn it once before ...and have not had the chance or been able to wear it since....

Friday, October 07, 2011

Not too much happening at the moment. Slowly working around the house getting a few things up-dated. My kitchen is next on the list...I had a quote from a guy last week and yesterday I had a second guy come in and measure up.  I really liked him and his idea's .... so kind of hoping his quote come in on my budget.  But just the same today I am looking around for another company and hoping to get a 3rd quote.  Once the kitchen is done it will saving up towards replacing the tiles on the floor with something different and then the whole house needs painting. The list goes on.....

Kylee is coping well...she sent me the little "life goes on"  verse and tells me she is going okay.  Says she gets lonely but the cat and dog help her out, espesially in the evenings. The dog sure does, its a puppy (a retreiverdor) and gets into all sorts of mischief. Its latest is chewing a hole through one of her walls...NOT IMPRESSED was Kylee!! The house is going up on the market very shortly so a quick repair will be done. Puppy only chews coz she is fretting Kylee seems to think as its only done when Kylee  is on night shift...and that will be changed soon as a request went in a few weeks ago to change her roster to all day shifts, at the moment she does 3 days, 2 nights...
I was hoping Kylee would be home by Christmas but it sure doesn't look like that will happen. She will be home though for one of her friends wedding in late November...counting down the days till then.

I am again getting my weight back on track...set  myself a target of getting back into a dress I love for the wedding. Go me !!!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Nature walk with grandies

On Saturday I had Shawn here for an access visit with 3 of his 4 kids...little Jaydene couldn't make the visit as she had gone on holidays with her carers. A bit peeved about that as school only finished on the Friday, they could have left on the Sunday surely knowing that Shawn only gets to see his kids once a month!!  Shawn was in a grump too..not just about Jaydene, but because he lost his job on Friday. He had obviously "used" as well as had a few drinks on the Friday as he was going on and on about the situation and was getting agitated. Geeeee hope he doesn'ty slide back into bad old habits....he has had things pretty much under control for close on a year now.
Saturday arvo, the grandies increased to 6 when Tanya bought out her and Paul's kids. Paul had gone out for his annual get together with the boys for the footy grandfinal and Tanya had to work so I had them.  The kids all played together very well and really though very noisy, very messy, were very well behaved.
Shawn packed up his very tired 3 kids at 5pm and they all left, which left me with the others. They wanted to go for a walk. What could I do but grab the camera and go for a walk.....
I can tell you I was one very weary "Jenna" at 6.15 when Tanya arrived to take the kids home.

Kylee is going okay. Her and Stephen had a very long chat on Saturday and Stephen told her the truth about why his feelings changed. It made sense to her (and me) but in hindsight (and he realises this) if he spoken to Kylee a few months back MAYBE it could have been resolved and none of this would have been happening.
Anyways she has applied to be transfered to a store close to home, hopefully that will happen....and she is also looking for a truck "backload" to get her furniture and belongings back here. Where I am going to store them yet, I am not sure. Will work that out when the time comes. 
mmmmmm she will also comes home with puppy...not a small one either....and one cat with mega attitude!!!