Friday, October 07, 2011

Not too much happening at the moment. Slowly working around the house getting a few things up-dated. My kitchen is next on the list...I had a quote from a guy last week and yesterday I had a second guy come in and measure up.  I really liked him and his idea's .... so kind of hoping his quote come in on my budget.  But just the same today I am looking around for another company and hoping to get a 3rd quote.  Once the kitchen is done it will saving up towards replacing the tiles on the floor with something different and then the whole house needs painting. The list goes on.....

Kylee is coping well...she sent me the little "life goes on"  verse and tells me she is going okay.  Says she gets lonely but the cat and dog help her out, espesially in the evenings. The dog sure does, its a puppy (a retreiverdor) and gets into all sorts of mischief. Its latest is chewing a hole through one of her walls...NOT IMPRESSED was Kylee!! The house is going up on the market very shortly so a quick repair will be done. Puppy only chews coz she is fretting Kylee seems to think as its only done when Kylee  is on night shift...and that will be changed soon as a request went in a few weeks ago to change her roster to all day shifts, at the moment she does 3 days, 2 nights...
I was hoping Kylee would be home by Christmas but it sure doesn't look like that will happen. She will be home though for one of her friends wedding in late November...counting down the days till then.

I am again getting my weight back on track...set  myself a target of getting back into a dress I love for the wedding. Go me !!!


  1. YOu are getting a new kitchen? Wow what fun. Hope you post a photo!
    So sad for Kylee.

  2. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Good luck with the kitchen and keep on track with your weight loss - it is good to have a goal to work towards.
    Have a great weekend !