Monday, October 03, 2011

Nature walk with grandies

On Saturday I had Shawn here for an access visit with 3 of his 4 kids...little Jaydene couldn't make the visit as she had gone on holidays with her carers. A bit peeved about that as school only finished on the Friday, they could have left on the Sunday surely knowing that Shawn only gets to see his kids once a month!!  Shawn was in a grump too..not just about Jaydene, but because he lost his job on Friday. He had obviously "used" as well as had a few drinks on the Friday as he was going on and on about the situation and was getting agitated. Geeeee hope he doesn'ty slide back into bad old habits....he has had things pretty much under control for close on a year now.
Saturday arvo, the grandies increased to 6 when Tanya bought out her and Paul's kids. Paul had gone out for his annual get together with the boys for the footy grandfinal and Tanya had to work so I had them.  The kids all played together very well and really though very noisy, very messy, were very well behaved.
Shawn packed up his very tired 3 kids at 5pm and they all left, which left me with the others. They wanted to go for a walk. What could I do but grab the camera and go for a walk.....
I can tell you I was one very weary "Jenna" at 6.15 when Tanya arrived to take the kids home.

Kylee is going okay. Her and Stephen had a very long chat on Saturday and Stephen told her the truth about why his feelings changed. It made sense to her (and me) but in hindsight (and he realises this) if he spoken to Kylee a few months back MAYBE it could have been resolved and none of this would have been happening.
Anyways she has applied to be transfered to a store close to home, hopefully that will happen....and she is also looking for a truck "backload" to get her furniture and belongings back here. Where I am going to store them yet, I am not sure. Will work that out when the time comes. 
mmmmmm she will also comes home with puppy...not a small one either....and one cat with mega attitude!!!

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  1. Hi Jen, just finding tme to comment as well as catch up. So sorry to hear about Kylee and Stephen and know what a worry it all must be for you. Lovely pics of the grandies and fingers crossed that Shaun manages to weather this recent storm without losing all the ground he's made in the last year. Thanks for all your encouraging commernts on my travel blog. I'm getting it made into a book which should be nice. Meanwhile with 2.7kgs gained during the holiday and the fact that I didn't do anything clever before I went means I really need to get my a into g - Clive and Jo's wedding next April should give me some decent incentive! xx