Monday, September 26, 2011

Its over....

Kylee and Stephen are over. Kylee asked Stephen if he could give an her a answer as to what his feelings towards her and their marriage was and he said he needed more time. Kylee said no, no more time and told him it was over and took off her wedding ring. Has asked him to sort out their finances, has requested a work transfer from Victoria to West Australia...she is coming home, as soon as its possible too.


  1. thats so sad. She will need her Mum and Dad so good idea to go home.


  2. So sad it didn't work out for them, but may I just say I am so very impressed with Kylie for putting herself first.

    Hope you are keeping well Jen xx

  3. Very sad for them - but Kylie sounded that handled it well in not hanging about, and hoping. Maybe he will realise soon what he has lost. Hugs to you.

  4. That just sucks.
    Poor girl.
    I hope she can find happiness again one day.
    {{{HUGS}}} to you as well for having to watch you girl go through so much heartache.

  5. Jen! Can you please take the Chris link to PEPSI off your links list? It seems to take whoever clicks on it to my private blog! EEEkkkkk.

  6. So sad when something like this happens but I am so impressed with her strength although she probably doesnt feel strong at the moment. I hope everything works out well for her when she is back in WA.