Thursday, September 01, 2011

Things happen ....

for a reason ....or so they say! I am beginning to wonder at the reason for this heartache my daughter is going through. Even her husband can't give one!!
I am back home, with my daughter. Her husband has asked for time alone in their house so hopefully he can "find" himself. He told my daughter he loved her as a best friend, and not as a wife.....and now needs time alone to see if he can remember all their plans, their dreams....and find himself again!
He has started councelling and living a more healthier lifestyle in the hope he can "de - stress"! So Kylee has come home for 2 weeks.....and then we will see which way they go from there.

Stephen is a gorgeous man and a man I love as a son in law, but the man I saw these past few days is a man lost...I think he is suffering some form of depression. He is so unhappy about all the heartache he has given my daughter but he said he can't live a lie. He says she hasn't caused any of this, she is still the same girl he met and is all him. He said this all come about at Easter...he just lost all the "magic and dreams" that their marriage was based on. 

What do you do.....??? 

I don't know, his parents are shocked at him and don't know either ....

All we do know is my daughter is hearbroken and as she said " things will never be the same again "


  1. That is so sad... I hope your girl is coping alright for now.
    He (your SIL) certainly knows how to stuff it up badly. 'Find himself'??? Sounds like a cop out to me.

  2. Very sad - and so soon after their wedding?! Kinf of wonderiing if the high of the wedding - new house etc has settled and now life is just plodding on for him. I know you will look after that girl of yours!

  3. yeahh I thought it was a "cop out" too...but I don't know anymore. Just so shell-shocked still !
    All I want to do is care, love & support my daughter and hope in some way I can help her deal with this heartbreak.

  4. I'm really feeling for Kylee right now. It's the hardest and the cruellest thing - not knowing why this has happened.

    Personally I think he should have been the one to leave while he went and "found" himself. He's the one that's caused this pain and hurt. Even tho Jen I realise being with her mum is the best place for Kylee.

    Hope he gets his act together soon and you all start getting some honest answers.

  5. I agree with the girls - it is a cop-out and Kylee is right - nothing will ever be the same again. Although I dont see why she had to leave, she is in the best place - with her Mum and Dad.
    Hope it works out for the best for her.