Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Now, we wait and see.....

Kylee & Simone Louise...her (& Stephen's) god-daughter.

Yesterday I took Kylee back to the airport...
Stephen rang before we left home to say he would be home....and asleep in the spare bedroom when she arrived....she would not get home till after midnight.
Heck knows what the outcome of all this will is very worrying to us...and Stephen's family too. Stephen has been going to councelling whilst Kylee has been here....lets hope it has done some good...
Kylee and I had a lovely day together yesterday, we drove up to Mandurah...had the bestest fish & chips I have eaten since forever...they were deeeeeeeevine.....then onto Perth where we caught up with a girfriend and had coffee & cake at Miss Maud's before taking her out to the airport for her flight home.
There is nothing more I can do now but be here for my girl when needed....and I am sure I am going to be.

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