Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A busy week...

Phewwww its been a busy week....been mostly early shifts, having to get up at 4.45 so I can make myself a thermos of coffee, pack lunches for me and hubby...and have a sit for 10 minutes and drink my first cup of coffee before heading to work.
Its back to my usual couple of days tis week, long days where your're on the feet all day. 

Wednesday was my birthday and I had a wonderful day, was thoroughly spoilt by my family and friends. Even had a surprise bouquet of flowers delivered to me.
Dear Daughter has bought herself her own house. Finance has been approved, papers have been signed. Today she has a walk through the house as the tenants have vacated to make sure it has been left as it should have been. Settlement should be on the 7th March. Very exciting for her...
She has most things, but had to go buy herself a new fridge, lounge suite, tv, table and chairs as these things she did have to leave behind in Melbourne.
She is a lot happier girl than what she was when she came home last year. A lovely man has come into her life, she has bought this house, she loves her job....I love to see her smiling face.
She has lost over 20 kilo's since she has been home (well 25 actually but she put 5 on when she went to Europe) but that has come to a standstill now....and she is very concerned. She know she is way to big still and has made an appointment to talk to her Dr. She wants to have a family later on down the track and with her health problems losing weight can only help. If it comes to surgery of some sort to help her, so be it....

I have had a reasonable week food wise....even went up to Mandurah shopping with my girlfriend last Friday...and made good choices....and thats what it all about. I have not sabotaged myself since the last post.....and even managed to go to a engagement party and eat without making stupid choices. Tracking every morsel that goes in my mouth helps. Going to try and cook at least one new recipe a week, so many to choose from.  Exercise has been good...going to miss Shera when DD moves, she motivates me to walk. I will be still keeping up the beach walks when she goes.

My scales tell me....I had a very small gain, after self sabotaging myself last week it should have been expected...ahhh well can only do better this week.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Going well, then what do I do....miss tablets, get a craving and give into it....then continue on thinking well I have blown it now what the hell !!

Now today...got to get the damn halo back on and remember how good I have been feeling about myself....the mood I am in its not gonna be easy.  

A week of early starting shifts coming up...gotta get myself organised. 

PS.  Today has gone from bad to worse...then after reading a few blogs I decided I HAVE to stop putting myself down, I can do this. I am not perfect, I do get cravings and do give into them, I do make mistakes, and I will self doubt myself....again.....but I am no quitter and I will not give in. Then  realising this my day got better....

Monday morning 5.20am......self sabotaged myself again last night, but I ain't no quitter so continue on I will. I will eventually succeed....its another day today.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So how am I doing ?

Cuddles with Kaleb

I have had a quite a good week.....despite ending up at the after hours Dr at the hospital over the weekend with infected cat bites and scratches.  That whole situation would have been funny if it hadn't of hurt so darn much !!   My very timid cat was being over protective and thought he was protecting me from daughters big bully of a cat.....

I have had a very on track week...resulting in a 300g loss. Think not much of a loss as its been sooooo darn hot here and I have been drinking water non-stop. Anyways no matter, I am just happy to record a week that I have felt satisfied and content with myself.

Picture above is me enjoying a huggles with my youngest grandchild Kabeb....my little man is 4 soon and has started kindy. I miss all the little bubba's around and hope that one day in the future I will be a "Jenna" again when Kylee settles down and has the family she so dearly wants.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Day off

'Cos my feet is killing me.....

Blackwood River

Coast at Augusta

Coastline near Augusta

Glouster Tower at Pemberton.

I have struggled since Monday with my feet, they have just been killing me....honestly my feet sometimes ache but ohhh not this much. I have been putting it down to having the 2 weeks off, wearing no shoes for most of that time, and of course I have been walking but mostly on sand.  Anyways yesterday the pain in my feet was killing me so I asked my supervisor for a releif for today....so I could have today the weekend and Monday off before I went back to my usual 2 days a week.

Food wise I have been brilliant, I haven't weighed myself yet, but I have been happy with myself. Trying to keep a control of my portion sizes, using fruit as my snacks and exercising at least 5 days out of the 7 has been my goals.

I read this in my Weight Watchers magazine too.....
"Visualise you can succeed then keep taking baby steps"
and thats what I have been doing this week (even with feet that been killing me)

Above are a few more pictures of my holiday. Glouster Tree was my Dad's first lookout tower that he manned when he first started working for the Forestry in 1957. We used to live in a small hut at the bottom of the tree during the fire season in summer....and walk into Pemberton 5 days a week for school when we were kids. I loved it. We spent 6 summers in that hut. My mum was scared of heights and I learnt that at a very young age and consequently learnt to climb the tower before I was 2 and spend a lot of time up with my Dad.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

I'm back...and trying

to find my mojo.

This is Cape Howe...an awesome view...and only accessible by 4x4, the views were so worth the visit.

Driving into Cape Arid, my most favourite part of my trip

Me and the extra 10 kilo's

Our holiday was fantastic, had the bestest time...only one phone call from the "troublesome" son to mar it. I diverted the call and his sister helped him out.
I weighed the morning I left and on the first morning back I weighed again, and I was so happy to record the same weight. 
Did try to keep up the effort but the "troublesome one" just had to ring, ring, and ring again and start his wanting. Trouble is when you say no he is liable to go and do something stupid and end up in more trouble. He has 4 kids he is a doting daddy to so I usually give in to him and provide him with his "wants" (which are usually smokes) so I can see my grandkids, I so look forward to the times he has his access visits here ....
I tried to say no this time, I really did....and the stress of wandering what he was going to do without the smokes sent the stress levels high...and I have eaten REAL bad all weekend. He is liable to do anything, he has psychotic tendencies and his moods swings are terrible, he can become moody and violent.
As soon as he rang and begged for me to meet him and buy him smokes I gave in and I stopped eating. I did meet him, damned if I do, damned if I don't. Strange how you can love someone so much yet hate them too...or hate that they continue abusing their bodies/mind by taking the drugs.

Anyways its back to work for me in the morning.....hopefully my week of work will bring a week of routine...a routine of me getting on track and staying there.