Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So how am I doing ?

Cuddles with Kaleb

I have had a quite a good week.....despite ending up at the after hours Dr at the hospital over the weekend with infected cat bites and scratches.  That whole situation would have been funny if it hadn't of hurt so darn much !!   My very timid cat was being over protective and thought he was protecting me from daughters big bully of a cat.....

I have had a very on track week...resulting in a 300g loss. Think not much of a loss as its been sooooo darn hot here and I have been drinking water non-stop. Anyways no matter, I am just happy to record a week that I have felt satisfied and content with myself.

Picture above is me enjoying a huggles with my youngest grandchild little man is 4 soon and has started kindy. I miss all the little bubba's around and hope that one day in the future I will be a "Jenna" again when Kylee settles down and has the family she so dearly wants.

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  1. Gorgeous photo Jen.
    I hope you get heaps more grandbabies too.