Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A busy week...

Phewwww its been a busy week....been mostly early shifts, having to get up at 4.45 so I can make myself a thermos of coffee, pack lunches for me and hubby...and have a sit for 10 minutes and drink my first cup of coffee before heading to work.
Its back to my usual couple of days tis week, long days where your're on the feet all day. 

Wednesday was my birthday and I had a wonderful day, was thoroughly spoilt by my family and friends. Even had a surprise bouquet of flowers delivered to me.
Dear Daughter has bought herself her own house. Finance has been approved, papers have been signed. Today she has a walk through the house as the tenants have vacated to make sure it has been left as it should have been. Settlement should be on the 7th March. Very exciting for her...
She has most things, but had to go buy herself a new fridge, lounge suite, tv, table and chairs as these things she did have to leave behind in Melbourne.
She is a lot happier girl than what she was when she came home last year. A lovely man has come into her life, she has bought this house, she loves her job....I love to see her smiling face.
She has lost over 20 kilo's since she has been home (well 25 actually but she put 5 on when she went to Europe) but that has come to a standstill now....and she is very concerned. She know she is way to big still and has made an appointment to talk to her Dr. She wants to have a family later on down the track and with her health problems losing weight can only help. If it comes to surgery of some sort to help her, so be it....

I have had a reasonable week food wise....even went up to Mandurah shopping with my girlfriend last Friday...and made good choices....and thats what it all about. I have not sabotaged myself since the last post.....and even managed to go to a engagement party and eat without making stupid choices. Tracking every morsel that goes in my mouth helps. Going to try and cook at least one new recipe a week, so many to choose from.  Exercise has been good...going to miss Shera when DD moves, she motivates me to walk. I will be still keeping up the beach walks when she goes.

My scales tell me....I had a very small gain, after self sabotaging myself last week it should have been expected...ahhh well can only do better this week.

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  1. Awww congrats to your daughter, how exciting!! And woah good on her for losing the 20kgs already!! Awesome :)

    Yep the scales have a bad rep this week, but we'll get there eventually