Monday, October 27, 2008

I weighed.....

..... in this morning.....and I quite happy, the results are not as bad as I thought they would be. I weighed in at 68.9 .... a gain of 600grams.
Work is still flat out ..... its going to be really busy till christmas. I was up at the usual time this morning BUT thanks to daylight saving it was DARK!! I hate daylight throws me right out of skilter!!
Hubby Ted got his specialist appointment...sees him on December 9th.....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Under control....

Have got myself under control again.....emotions are to the side, eating is once again under control and will now wait till hubby has received his appointment date with the specialist and will take it from there!! I know high PSI levels don't always mean cancer BUT the Dr said there was a risk of it...and that just sent horrible shivering chills through me!!!

Other news is yeahhhhhhhhh Shawn went to the Dr and YES has been given a script for medication which he said he will take. He has been out here today for his kids access visit, a little agitated as he is as sick as a dog with the flu....but said he will fill the script's hoping!!

Monday I will weigh in again, but just at home, won't go back to ww till next month, so here's hoping all the rubbish I have consumed hasn't made the scales too high...will let you know Monday evening when I post again.
Thanks to you all for being there for me.....

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Why is that when I under stress I eat!!! I am sure this last week I have managed to put on all I have lost these past few weeks!!

You would think after 3 years of weight watchers that I would learn to control the emotional eating........nahhhhhhh not me, I must be a bloody slow learner.

Nooooooo its not Shawn this time, this time its hubby. He has been having a few minor health problems and got sent off to have a few blood tests last week. Results came in last week and after a consult with his Dr the other day he was advised to have another blood test....welllllllll he got those results back today and has to go and see a specialist. Hubby has high PSA levels....and that means he COULD have prostate cancer. Dr says not too worry, the levels aren't THAT high but it could be a possibility. What does Jen do..PANIC !!!!! I know I shouldn't.....but I fear cancer....and I just hate the thought of my EVERYTHING having to battle it!! I know I am thinking the worst, heck he hasn't even seen the specialist....but eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

This week

This week has been absolutely stressful, emotional and totally crap!!! And why...the usual reason, my son Shawn...who else??
That kid really really needs professional help. I won't go into what has been happening, but his physcosis is getting worse....and after this week he has been given an ulimation of going to get help or forget that he has a family. We so sick of the abuse, physically and mentally....all of us have reached the end of out tethers. He was told either make a appointment to see a DR and get help or disappear out of our lives. Shit the kid turned 26 on Wednesday, and we have dealt with this problem of his now for way too long. I know people with acute physcosis people have little or no awareness that they are not themselves as they have lost the connection with reality....but enough is enough!!
Anyways it must have sunk in as he has made an appointment with our family Dr, told him it was an emergency but the earliest he can get in is Friday.....lets hope he can hold it together till then. He didn't make his forklift course, he was ill..but will try for it in a few weeks.
Anyways with all this turmoil I did my usual and tried to eat away the stress....but dear hubby told me what I was doing and I managed to stop myself and get back to this week I weighed in the same, heaps better than a gain I guess ehhhh?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Running late....

Sorry ...... am running late today. I did weigh in this morning and my scales told me I had a loss of 300 I have 300grams to go to goal. I worked late tonight, (we have orders a mile long), got home and found a reminder note in the mail about weight watchers meetings so decided to head off tonight and get it out of the way before I have to start paying for the meetings again. I hate weighing in at night ..... the scales showed I was a kilo heavier than what I was this morning.....but heyyyyyyyyyy what the heck I am keeping the 68.3 as my weight this week!!

Not a lot been going on this week....been all work, work and more work. Its such a busy time of the year for us and we are scrambling to keep up with the orders. I worked till 1pm on Saturday just so we could catch up a bit. Looks like we might have to do the same again this Saturday too.

Saturday arvo saw Shawn turn up ready for his access visit with his kids. He looks good, and he had a absolute ball with his kids...don't know who was the biggest kid there !! He sits his forklift ticket on Thursday, hope he passes that, it might give him a good self-esteem boost that he needs.

Sunday saw me and hubby out in the garden.....after I saw the start to Bathurst!!! Go the mighty FORDS!!!! I am a real rev head and love my motor racing. I wish I could have kept up with my speedway racing....I loved it and was good too!! But like most sports nowadays it had become too politicial, too expensive and when sports get like that the fun goes out of it. We got a fair bit done out in the garden, it is really starting to look good again, it got a bit "begraggled" over winter. Stopped at lunch time to watch the finish to the big race....but hopefully we can get out there next weekend and do some more.

Monday, October 06, 2008

And again...

.....another loss of 800grams.....woooooooooohooooooooo!!

Now I am only 600grams from my goal of 68 kilo' I am wondering do I have it in myself to carry on and try to get down to my personal goal of 65 kilo's while I am going so well and am so motivated. Been told to stay where I am, been told that I look good as I am, but I am happiest at goal. When I first got to goal and was maintaining so well I felt really really good....I want to get that feeling back again.

I am still very happy with my hair....its great. Its just 4 strokes with the brush and a little bit of jel rubbed throu it with my fingers and away we go. Stays looking good all day!! Thinking I just might keep it like this.....

On the Shawn front.....had him out on Saturday as he had an access visit with his kids. He looks good, sounds good and is still actively looking for other work. Centerlink has him enrolled in a training course where he will sit his forklift ticket on the 16th October, and then he will start truck driving lessons. mmmmm I don't know if that is a good thing or not!! But we are hoping he will get a job from these courses.....he does know then he has to have drug tests whenever required. Maybe it will help him.
Anyways as long as he is happy, staying out of trouble, not causing me any stress it must be good ehhhhh?