Thursday, October 23, 2008


Why is that when I under stress I eat!!! I am sure this last week I have managed to put on all I have lost these past few weeks!!

You would think after 3 years of weight watchers that I would learn to control the emotional eating........nahhhhhhh not me, I must be a bloody slow learner.

Nooooooo its not Shawn this time, this time its hubby. He has been having a few minor health problems and got sent off to have a few blood tests last week. Results came in last week and after a consult with his Dr the other day he was advised to have another blood test....welllllllll he got those results back today and has to go and see a specialist. Hubby has high PSA levels....and that means he COULD have prostate cancer. Dr says not too worry, the levels aren't THAT high but it could be a possibility. What does Jen do..PANIC !!!!! I know I shouldn't.....but I fear cancer....and I just hate the thought of my EVERYTHING having to battle it!! I know I am thinking the worst, heck he hasn't even seen the specialist....but eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!!


  1. Not sure if this will help ease you, it's quite common for the levels to be higher without it being cancer. Sometimes it's something they monitor after a high reading. Fingers crossed, I know I'm similar to you and would panic. Good luck.

  2. Panic away... there isn't much else you can do until he's been seen by the specialist! NO point saying 'don't panic' cos ya will anyway! Hope you can have a good weekend regardless of the panic'ing!

  3. Awww...sorry to hear that Jen. Yeah, like Chris said, no sense telling you not to panic!! I am sure he will be fine though. That is a fantastic photo of the three of you...just great!!