Saturday, October 25, 2008

Under control....

Have got myself under control again.....emotions are to the side, eating is once again under control and will now wait till hubby has received his appointment date with the specialist and will take it from there!! I know high PSI levels don't always mean cancer BUT the Dr said there was a risk of it...and that just sent horrible shivering chills through me!!!

Other news is yeahhhhhhhhh Shawn went to the Dr and YES has been given a script for medication which he said he will take. He has been out here today for his kids access visit, a little agitated as he is as sick as a dog with the flu....but said he will fill the script's hoping!!

Monday I will weigh in again, but just at home, won't go back to ww till next month, so here's hoping all the rubbish I have consumed hasn't made the scales too high...will let you know Monday evening when I post again.
Thanks to you all for being there for me.....

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  1. Jen, I typed you a huge long comment the other morning before I left for work then bloddy Blogger decided it wouldn't work so it disappeared into the ether. Just wanted to say that I was thinking of you both and I also had some examples of people I knew who had had the high levels but they weren't a problem and also of some people I know who had been diagnosed positive but who had been able to deal with it effectively by either surgery or in one case by apparently following natural medicine. Great to hear the news about Shawn - hope it works for him. Take care Z xx