Monday, October 27, 2008

I weighed.....

..... in this morning.....and I quite happy, the results are not as bad as I thought they would be. I weighed in at 68.9 .... a gain of 600grams.
Work is still flat out ..... its going to be really busy till christmas. I was up at the usual time this morning BUT thanks to daylight saving it was DARK!! I hate daylight throws me right out of skilter!!
Hubby Ted got his specialist appointment...sees him on December 9th.....


  1. Great weigh in ! Hope the time flies till your hubby sees the specialist, waiting is the pitts.

  2. Seems a bit of a wait until the appointment.

    The gain was ok - considering...

    have a good week:-)

  3. Stress will do that to you! It's not that bad and easilly don't worry. Dec 9th isn't too long to wait. With all the Christmas preparations and things to do list before then, the time will go past quickly! I love daylight savings by the way! he, he In the winter is dark when I go to work and dark when I get home...I get more energetic when it is daylight when I get home:)

  4. arggghhhh! im a BIG stress eater too, i think its the hardest habbit to break!

    im thinking of you and hubby too Jen, ots a pity they couldnt get him in any earlier, waiting is terrible, stay strong hun and think positive xxxx

  5. Jen I really do know how you feel. Sending you really big hugs.

  6. Sorry to hear you have so much happeneing in yourlife right now...
    Try not to work yourself up too much... It will all work out ... you know that..
    And Dec the 9th is a good day.... its my birthday!!! SO nothing bad will happen!!
    Well done on not blowing out too much... hard I know but you will be fine and sitting at 65 before you know it..