Monday, October 20, 2008

This week

This week has been absolutely stressful, emotional and totally crap!!! And why...the usual reason, my son Shawn...who else??
That kid really really needs professional help. I won't go into what has been happening, but his physcosis is getting worse....and after this week he has been given an ulimation of going to get help or forget that he has a family. We so sick of the abuse, physically and mentally....all of us have reached the end of out tethers. He was told either make a appointment to see a DR and get help or disappear out of our lives. Shit the kid turned 26 on Wednesday, and we have dealt with this problem of his now for way too long. I know people with acute physcosis people have little or no awareness that they are not themselves as they have lost the connection with reality....but enough is enough!!
Anyways it must have sunk in as he has made an appointment with our family Dr, told him it was an emergency but the earliest he can get in is Friday.....lets hope he can hold it together till then. He didn't make his forklift course, he was ill..but will try for it in a few weeks.
Anyways with all this turmoil I did my usual and tried to eat away the stress....but dear hubby told me what I was doing and I managed to stop myself and get back to this week I weighed in the same, heaps better than a gain I guess ehhhh?


  1. Sorry to hear Jen, Shawn sounds like he's really up and down. Hard for you as a family. As an outsider I can see it is an illness and maybe beyond his control. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  2. It must be so tough on you all and I can only imagine the stress you feel - you must be torn in two sometimes. Let's hope he get some help this time. And isn't hubby a love for gently reminding you about stress eating. Z xx

  3. Jen I'm so sorry everything is so up and down with Shawn. I know how you feel. We live on a roller coaster all the time not knowing what's going to happen next too. Or when more like it. We just take the good as it comes and enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

    I'm just very grateful I don't have to go through it alone. I'm sure your hubby is a rock of strength to you, just like mine.

    Take care and fingers crossed something positive will come out of shawns appointment.

  4. My heart goes out to you. Our older friends had a daughter similar to Shawn and they ended up putting a lock on their bedroom door so they could sleep without the worry of her getting in there!! Sometimes "tough love" is what it takes. You are right to lay down the law and give him an ultimatim. He is an adult now and you really need to be able to live your life without him throwing stress balls at you on a constant basis!! If he comes up with some excuse not to go to doctor (and I would be ringing surgery to see if he did) then you have a very difficult choice in front of are strong though, Jen. I will be thinking of you