Sunday, November 18, 2018

A better week

Hoping with everything in me that dear daughter remembers this...
She has told me that she has told Garry that they are both now separated, single and will be friends. She said he has asked if that can be reviewed in a month and she said yes but the answer will be the same. Fingers crossed it is. That man manipulates her. He lied, he cheated, and he bullied my girl. I will not have anything to do with him anymore, all he is to me is the father of my grandchildren. 

Took this gorgeous pic of my girl with her baby the other day...just love how relaxed she looked playing on the lawn with Summer.

Me, my weight.... Have had a horror week, but the last few days I have been ok. Tonight I have indulged a little...I have injured my knee, and I've tweeked my back out, so hobbling around like a real old woman!! And now tonight, have a tickle in my throat which I can thank hubby for....he has been coughing his lungs up for the last 3 days thanks to a flu that started with this tickle...ohhh joy !!! 

Monday, November 12, 2018


Well what I say other than it’s been a stressful couple of weeks with dear daughter and Garry.
Have decided Garry is narcissistic...he bullied and manipulated Kylee....and she went back. Then she found out he had been playing her AGAIN, a friend found his profile on a new dating site.
Since then his narcissistic bullying personality has been in top gear. Things have been very intense between Kylee and him, but he manipulates her so much that she goes crawling back. Like the other day he said he hurt his back and he told her he couldn’t she drove him. 
Shit hit the fan here over we are trying to help her out as she was done with him and all he need to do is crook his little finger and she goes running.  

We weren't happy...and told her so. So she has told him to back off....
Today he has texted me asking what he has to do to earn our trust....told him I don't think he ever will, time will tell. 
He then asked would Kylee still have our support if they decide to work it out. 
My reply was I hope we would be around to pick up the pieces because we don't think she deserves you, you will hurt her again. He reckons he won't....but again time will tell. Hope Kylee stands back long enough for him to show his true colours again. A narcissist like him don't change...and he is a cheating one!! 

So stress levels high...somedays I eat everything and anything in sight, other days not. My job has been a outside one for the last 3 weeks, an early morning 3 hour shift so I been getting quite a workout...think that has helped me keeping my weight stable..even though its bordering on its highest it has been in years!! 
Where has my willpower go...been looking at pics of myself when I lost the weight 10 years ago...I want that again, but just can't gather up the strength to do it again.....yet!