Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grandies visit

Shawn had a acccess visit at home on was really great to see his kids again. Boy have they grown....espesially Skye.

Great news for them, they will all be heading back to Hannah's fulltime this year, DCP lost the appeal to take the kids into their care for another 2 years. Hannah has been told Kaleb will join her & Skye in June, Shayden a few months later and Jaydene the last one will be home by November. Here's hoping so...and that Hannah can keep the kids happy & healthy. And more importantly the house clean, as her very dirty unsanitary habits were the main reason the kids were taken!!

Shawns 2 year avo is drawing to an end too...hopefully that will mean that with the kids coming out of DCP care that he will be able to see them more frequently by arranging visits with Hannah.

Shawn is happy....DCP have told him if he stays on the path he is on, that should Hannah not be able to cope and kids and need to taken out of her care again...he has a very good chance of having them instead of foster care. Lets hope for the kids sake that doesn't happen...they don't need anymore trauma's in their lives.

Shawn is still working, has even been made permanent. He is a lot calmer, happy with Shaz, he still has a low self - esteem, but he is working on that! Struggling with $'s due to all the court and centerlink fines which worries him greatly....but he is getting there.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Babysat Mathew

I am getting used to this time off work....missing the $'s but enjoying all this time to myself. Have caught up on so many chores that were pushed aside as I just didn't have time to do. Can't go anywhere too much as the big Ford which we use for long trips is awaiting a part to stop the gears unfortunately I can't go down and see mum...well I could but the little Ford runabout car I use for work is not the best to take mum out in. Hopefully the part will arrive before I go back to work and I can do a day trip.
I have been to the surgeon about my varicous veins, he sent me to have ultrasounds on my legs as he was quite concerned about some deep veins he found in my thighs. Had the ultrasounds on Tuesday and have black permanent markers dots all over my legs where apparently the veins are not working. Now I have to keep these dots marked till I see the surgeon on April 11th (or beforehand if a appointment becomes available!)
I had my little nearly 3 year grandson (Paul & Tanya's youngest) from 8.30 to 12 this morning. Isn't he just a real little charmer?
Weightloss is coming along real well...lost 1.2 this last week. Wasn't too sure how I would go being home and out of my planned work routine...but I am resisting all temptations and keeping myself busy. The online tracker (e-tools) I find is a real boost to me, makes tracking so much easier.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More pics

Kylee took the pic of Ted & I with the newly weds and Tanya took the one with Stephen & Kylee with them. Lovely pics.....

Kylee & Stephen sadly fly home tomorrow ...(sure am going to miss my girl!!)....hopefully work and my veins permitting I will fly over in late July for a visit. I have seen the surgeon re: my veins, I have to have a ultrasound next week as unfortunately he found some deep veins in my thigh which he is very concerned about. Will know more after he examines them...but if they are as bad as he thinks I may need more than one op!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simon & Tracey wedding

Just a few pics of a lovely day....I was one very proud mum/Jenna

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Just a few pics

Phillip Island, Victoria

Sunset at Smoky Bay in SA

Stephen & Kylee

Kylee and her Dad

Great Australian Bight
A VERY BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR DAUGHTER KYLEE ....26 years today, looking forward to seeing you on Friday morning xx

Friday, March 04, 2011

I'm back....

After 6 weeks away I am back, me and quite a few more kilo's than I left with too....a whole 10 of them!! Right, no one to blame but me, my oroxine got wet and went to powder so what did I do...thats right nothing BUT continue to eat and drink way more than was needed too....

Anyways after one unholy scream when I saw the numbers on the scales....I have gotten on with it. Nil I can do but get on with it, the holiday is over and I have to get my arse into gear and get myself back into my regular 1 today and I doing it!
I have Simon's wedding next week and I bought a gorgeous dress today...just need a little bolero or a something to cover the arms....have all next week to do that in between hair and surgeons apppointments. My leg is unsightly at the mo...and my dress is 3/4 length....hope its not too hot as I will need to wear stockings...right now I am having second thoughts about wearing it.
Anyways a few pics of my hol...the 2 hightlights of my trip were meeting the gorgeous Nola & Nannette.....thank you girls. I found someone in Nola who is as zany as I am, looking forward to another catch up one day sister....and Nannette hopefully one day we can get together over a bottle of scotch and have a longer natter...