Friday, March 04, 2011

I'm back....

After 6 weeks away I am back, me and quite a few more kilo's than I left with too....a whole 10 of them!! Right, no one to blame but me, my oroxine got wet and went to powder so what did I do...thats right nothing BUT continue to eat and drink way more than was needed too....

Anyways after one unholy scream when I saw the numbers on the scales....I have gotten on with it. Nil I can do but get on with it, the holiday is over and I have to get my arse into gear and get myself back into my regular 1 today and I doing it!
I have Simon's wedding next week and I bought a gorgeous dress today...just need a little bolero or a something to cover the arms....have all next week to do that in between hair and surgeons apppointments. My leg is unsightly at the mo...and my dress is 3/4 length....hope its not too hot as I will need to wear stockings...right now I am having second thoughts about wearing it.
Anyways a few pics of my hol...the 2 hightlights of my trip were meeting the gorgeous Nola & Nannette.....thank you girls. I found someone in Nola who is as zany as I am, looking forward to another catch up one day sister....and Nannette hopefully one day we can get together over a bottle of scotch and have a longer natter...


  1. Great to have you back! Oops to the weigh gain but yoiu know what to do. I ended up gaining a similar amount in our travels, it's slowly lessening.

    Welcome home!

  2. Love the photos of you and the Tazzie girls!
    I'm sure you will look lovely at the wedding, no matter what.

  3. I've missed you - so lovely to have you back. Kilos are the payback for a fabulous holiday. I know the feeling well!! Zxx