Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grandies visit

Shawn had a acccess visit at home on was really great to see his kids again. Boy have they grown....espesially Skye.

Great news for them, they will all be heading back to Hannah's fulltime this year, DCP lost the appeal to take the kids into their care for another 2 years. Hannah has been told Kaleb will join her & Skye in June, Shayden a few months later and Jaydene the last one will be home by November. Here's hoping so...and that Hannah can keep the kids happy & healthy. And more importantly the house clean, as her very dirty unsanitary habits were the main reason the kids were taken!!

Shawns 2 year avo is drawing to an end too...hopefully that will mean that with the kids coming out of DCP care that he will be able to see them more frequently by arranging visits with Hannah.

Shawn is happy....DCP have told him if he stays on the path he is on, that should Hannah not be able to cope and kids and need to taken out of her care again...he has a very good chance of having them instead of foster care. Lets hope for the kids sake that doesn't happen...they don't need anymore trauma's in their lives.

Shawn is still working, has even been made permanent. He is a lot calmer, happy with Shaz, he still has a low self - esteem, but he is working on that! Struggling with $'s due to all the court and centerlink fines which worries him greatly....but he is getting there.

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