Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Its quiet....

Geeeeee blogger world is very anyone here??

Not much happening on the home front. I was offered a job the other day, as a cleaner in shopping centre, so after going out to see my boss at the farm I have accepted it. I have someone coming to see me today to tell me all about it, hours etc.

The farm is very quiet. Its so dry, crops have been blown away in the dust (just seeded one's), have had no rain since heck knows when, the dams are nearly empty or empty so crops are limited! The farm actually looks terrible....the worst I have seen it in the 9.5 years I have worked there.

Anyways boss said accept this job as they can't offer me anything till July, and please consider them then as they need me. Nice to be appreciated ehhhh?

On the weight front...welllllllll thats slow but it is going down, 400 grams lost at weigh in this morning.

ohhh the pic was taken at a place called Cockatoo Lake in South Australia on our way home from Tassie.

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  1. You are lucky to find another job! I hope you enjoy it.