Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And more birthdays....

Mathew with his pressie from Pop and Jenna
                                                       Happy Birthday Hannah

Have had a very busy week with work and birthdays so far. Monday I worked my 1st full shift as a cleaner in my local shopping center. At the end of the day boy was I footsore...but happy. I was kept busy the whole day and I enjoyed the work and the social aspect of the job.  Straight after work it was up to see Matthew and give him his pressie and  his birthday cuddle...
It was also Hannah's birthday Monday too....but I had given her her parcel on Kalebs birthday last Friday. But I called in and had a cuppa with her today...she was enjoying a visit from Jaydene and Shayden. She told me Kaleb has his 1st overnight stay next week in the lead up to him coming home...:-)
Today was weigh in day...very happy to report the scales were down 1.2  And so they should be....I worked darn hard to do that. This new pro-points is great,  but I find I really have to work hard to get a decent loss....the "slush" fund (the 49 weekly points) is very tempting .... so this week I used all my 29 points on as many "filling foods" as I could and didn't touch the "slush fund" at all!!

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