Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Deb

Me and my jabberwalk buddy Deb.

Its been a busy week, with lots of running around. On the weekend it was my my jabberwalk buddy's birthday so for our morning walk we decided to drive into town and walk along the foreshore, then have breakkie together. So we did....a hour of walking then we decided on a beautiful big bowl of  fresh fruit salad each with a yogurt topping for breakfast.

Back home to discover our hot water system had rusted out and was leaking....so back into town to see if we could get a replacement....yay Bunnings stocked them so that was a bonus.

From there it was down to DD's house and finish off the little floor bits that needed doing.....and then last night we took down the last of her furniture....her spare room bed and a small wardrobe. Not much more now that she does need....its just a matter of finding a home for everything as she unpacks.

Weigh in day...goodbye 100g's....its coming off slowly. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lets stop the yoyo 'ing

Weigh in this morning....700g down, so that takes me back to where I was when all this latest yoyo' ing started. This week I am going to work on getting down further....I want to get rid of the numbers starting with 8 and get into the 70's again, then I will know I am on the downhill run !!

Mrs cranky pants (my mother) is recovering well, sister says everyone is doing all the running around and she is resting. She has a check-up with her local Dr on Friday. I am still not happy that she left the hospital here so early but Mum has always been a very strong woman. Her life has been far from easy. I love her dearly but boy she does know how to press my buttons.

Kylee has moved, her dog Shera and cat Troubles too. We did the final move yesterday and last night all 3 slept in their new abode. My house looks like a bomb has hit it....but now I can get things back to normal and have 2 spare rooms again....and room for the grandies to stay over again without having to sleep on sofa beds and mattresses on floor.
And only one night down, and yes I am missing them all.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It doesn't rain...it pours

Mum and her beloved Ninny

That stubborn woman that I call my mother has been in hospital. On Friday afternoon I received a phonecall from my sister saying she was on her way up with Mum and could I meet her at emergency at the hospital as Mum had a suspected twist in her bowel. Mum has had a colonoscopy after getting bowel cancer and has only a small section of her colon left, and thus wears a bag. Anyways I headed off in and met them there, Mum's stomach was distended and tight and she was in agony, so we were fast-tracked into triage as mum had a referring letter from the hospital in Manjimup. After some x-rays, cat scans and seen by the surgeon I finally had mum settled up in surgical ward with a booking for surgery Saturday morning and I left for home at 11.20pm. (My sister had gone to my cousins in agony with back spasms) Mum had a hernia which was pushing up into the stent and causing the horrible pain. Surgery was at 9am and a success, Mum came through with flying colours...and I said I would take her home on Monday after recuperating in hospital. But Mum woke up this morning wanting to go home NOW! She was not staying in there any longer. She wanted to sleep in her own bed, eat her own food and cuddle her cat....she missed her cat! Her surgeon said she could go home, but after some blood tests and other tests, possibly late afternoon. But it was not to be....Mum got cranky, signed her release and my sister took her home at lunch time.
I was not and am not happy (nor was my sister). I told her she woke up and took cranky pills with her morning cuppa.
Just hoping nothing goes wrong now...she needed more time in care.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I realised yesterday that Mum is getting older. She has always been so young at heart, vibrant and healthy...but yesterday sitting with her at the oncologists office it hit home how fragile she is getting.
Mum is fine, the Dr said yesterday he does not like to operate on people over 80 (mum is 84) unless the cancer is life threatening so he was not going to operate just to see if the scaring on mum's liver and kidneys was tumours...or just scaring. Her blood is not showing any indications of cancer...she looks well so they are leaving things be.
I had a good day with mum, yes she was tired, her leg was sore....she hadn't had much sleep, worrying about Dr visit...but seeing 4 of her grandchildren brightened up her day.
We have our clashes, we are both stubborn,  but no matter what...I LOVE my mum  xxxxx

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don't give up....

Weight today...a small gain.  :-(
But I did have a small  big day on Sunday and ate a little bit too much naughty stuff !!  I have found just a little naughty stuff and my body weight yoyo's.  I was hoping that all the extra exercise I did on Sunday and being on track 100% since would counteract it...but it was not meant to be. Anyways its on we go to another week.

Dear hubby and I spent most of Sunday laying flooring in DD house....it harder work than I thought it was going to be!!!  AND we are going to do the same in ours !!!!
She is nearly finished painting....2nd coat in the kitchen/dining and also laundry to do and she is done. Hopefully we can finish the flooring this week....and by the end of the weekend she should be in her own lil house.

My new recipe was very yum last week, LOVE the cauliflower mash and the roasted tomato's were too die for. Haven't decided on a recipe this week but I received my new WW magazine yesterday so I am sure there will be something in there that I can make, if not I'll find something on the ww site recipes.
DD's b/f gave her a bunch of banana's when she saw him at soundwave last weekend...and unfortunately we aren't eating them quick enough. Going to have to look out for some ww/low fat muffin or banana cake/bread recipes so I can use them before they go black.

Went to water aerobics yesterday morning.....I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Guess where I will be heading most Monday mornings now :-)

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. Mum is coming up, my brother is driving her up as she has a specialist appointment, an oncologist as some of mum's blood results were not very good. After the appointment, we plan to catch up with my neice and nephew before Rod (my brother) takes off up to Perth ready to fly out on holidays with his fiancee tomorrow morning and I'll drive mum back to her home as she doesn't want to stay overnight.  Fingers crossed there is nothing major wrong with mum....she has had 2 bouts of cancer (colon/bowel 1993and then liver 1994) but has been in remission since.  

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Weeks are flying by

 The weeks are flying by. Dear Daughter has the keys to her house already thanks to a quick and early settlement. One room has been painted....along with herself !!  She luckily had a good friend who with the offer of dinner supplied to come help her. 
Soundwave is on this weekend...and her bf down is also down for that so DD is spending time in Perth. She will be back today, her birthday and work tomorrow then its days off and more work on the house. She wants to get at least her lounge room and bedroom done before she moves in. The lounge room has an airconditioner to be fitted in on Thursday so that needed to be painted before then.  Its full steam ahead.
All paths are leading hopefully in the right direction at the moment. I have had a good week. No hassles on the home front....only Mr Troublesome constantly on the bum wanting something. I pray that one day he will see what he is doing to himself. At the moment he just can't...so sad.  Other kids are all going well, grandies are all groaning up and have lives of their own....can't wait to have them staying over again.

Anyways lost 600g this week.
Promised myself a new recipe once a week. This week it was Beef and Onion Pie...yummmo. Next on the list is beef with cauliflower mash and roasted cherry tomato's.