Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Deb

Me and my jabberwalk buddy Deb.

Its been a busy week, with lots of running around. On the weekend it was my my jabberwalk buddy's birthday so for our morning walk we decided to drive into town and walk along the foreshore, then have breakkie together. So we did....a hour of walking then we decided on a beautiful big bowl of  fresh fruit salad each with a yogurt topping for breakfast.

Back home to discover our hot water system had rusted out and was leaking....so back into town to see if we could get a replacement....yay Bunnings stocked them so that was a bonus.

From there it was down to DD's house and finish off the little floor bits that needed doing.....and then last night we took down the last of her furniture....her spare room bed and a small wardrobe. Not much more now that she does need....its just a matter of finding a home for everything as she unpacks.

Weigh in day...goodbye 100g's....its coming off slowly. 


  1. What a lovely breakfast that looks like. I'm so sorry I haven't been around for a while - menopause is driving me off my head and, when I get into the Negative Nelly frame of mind, I don't like to share it with others !!!!
    Yay for the weight coming off - well done !
    Have the best week !

  2. 100g gone, yay well done! Sounds like a busy weekend, but a goodie :)

  3. Thanks girls...despite doing everything "right" its driving me crazy that the weight is not coming off!! But this time around I am learning not to let it get to me too much...I'll plod, plod, plod along !!

  4. Plod on Jen because even those small losses add up!