Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don't give up....

Weight today...a small gain.  :-(
But I did have a small  big day on Sunday and ate a little bit too much naughty stuff !!  I have found just a little naughty stuff and my body weight yoyo's.  I was hoping that all the extra exercise I did on Sunday and being on track 100% since would counteract it...but it was not meant to be. Anyways its on we go to another week.

Dear hubby and I spent most of Sunday laying flooring in DD house....it harder work than I thought it was going to be!!!  AND we are going to do the same in ours !!!!
She is nearly finished painting....2nd coat in the kitchen/dining and also laundry to do and she is done. Hopefully we can finish the flooring this week....and by the end of the weekend she should be in her own lil house.

My new recipe was very yum last week, LOVE the cauliflower mash and the roasted tomato's were too die for. Haven't decided on a recipe this week but I received my new WW magazine yesterday so I am sure there will be something in there that I can make, if not I'll find something on the ww site recipes.
DD's b/f gave her a bunch of banana's when she saw him at soundwave last weekend...and unfortunately we aren't eating them quick enough. Going to have to look out for some ww/low fat muffin or banana cake/bread recipes so I can use them before they go black.

Went to water aerobics yesterday morning.....I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Guess where I will be heading most Monday mornings now :-)

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. Mum is coming up, my brother is driving her up as she has a specialist appointment, an oncologist as some of mum's blood results were not very good. After the appointment, we plan to catch up with my neice and nephew before Rod (my brother) takes off up to Perth ready to fly out on holidays with his fiancee tomorrow morning and I'll drive mum back to her home as she doesn't want to stay overnight.  Fingers crossed there is nothing major wrong with mum....she has had 2 bouts of cancer (colon/bowel 1993and then liver 1994) but has been in remission since.  


  1. Sending positive vibes that all is ok with your mum.

  2. Put the bananas in the freezer if you don't get to use them... they freeze really well for cooking later. Just put them in skin and all.

    Hope your mum is ok and don't worry about the gain... onto a new week :)

  3. Thanks Jackie and Lyn.....heading off to the hospital shortly, fingers crossed.
    And banana's in the freezer now thanks Lyn.

  4. DD has a boyfriend? How awesome, I hope she is happy now... a new man and a new house!