Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lets stop the yoyo 'ing

Weigh in this morning....700g down, so that takes me back to where I was when all this latest yoyo' ing started. This week I am going to work on getting down further....I want to get rid of the numbers starting with 8 and get into the 70's again, then I will know I am on the downhill run !!

Mrs cranky pants (my mother) is recovering well, sister says everyone is doing all the running around and she is resting. She has a check-up with her local Dr on Friday. I am still not happy that she left the hospital here so early but Mum has always been a very strong woman. Her life has been far from easy. I love her dearly but boy she does know how to press my buttons.

Kylee has moved, her dog Shera and cat Troubles too. We did the final move yesterday and last night all 3 slept in their new abode. My house looks like a bomb has hit it....but now I can get things back to normal and have 2 spare rooms again....and room for the grandies to stay over again without having to sleep on sofa beds and mattresses on floor.
And only one night down, and yes I am missing them all.


  1. Phew - a bit on your plate at the mo. Hope your mum is ok.

    Your daughter is looking amazing - can really notice her weight loss there:-)

  2. Yay!! Awesome loss!! Great news :) and have to laugh at your comment about your mum pressing your buttons ... just like mine does to me