Sunday, March 17, 2013

It doesn't pours

Mum and her beloved Ninny

That stubborn woman that I call my mother has been in hospital. On Friday afternoon I received a phonecall from my sister saying she was on her way up with Mum and could I meet her at emergency at the hospital as Mum had a suspected twist in her bowel. Mum has had a colonoscopy after getting bowel cancer and has only a small section of her colon left, and thus wears a bag. Anyways I headed off in and met them there, Mum's stomach was distended and tight and she was in agony, so we were fast-tracked into triage as mum had a referring letter from the hospital in Manjimup. After some x-rays, cat scans and seen by the surgeon I finally had mum settled up in surgical ward with a booking for surgery Saturday morning and I left for home at 11.20pm. (My sister had gone to my cousins in agony with back spasms) Mum had a hernia which was pushing up into the stent and causing the horrible pain. Surgery was at 9am and a success, Mum came through with flying colours...and I said I would take her home on Monday after recuperating in hospital. But Mum woke up this morning wanting to go home NOW! She was not staying in there any longer. She wanted to sleep in her own bed, eat her own food and cuddle her cat....she missed her cat! Her surgeon said she could go home, but after some blood tests and other tests, possibly late afternoon. But it was not to be....Mum got cranky, signed her release and my sister took her home at lunch time.
I was not and am not happy (nor was my sister). I told her she woke up and took cranky pills with her morning cuppa.
Just hoping nothing goes wrong now...she needed more time in care.


  1. Oh dear! She must be a very strong-minded lady. She looks wonderful for her age. Hope she is OK xx

  2. Oh your poor mum ... not nice! Hope she mends real soon (and doesn't make your life too hard in the process)

  3. Thinking of your mum and also you Jen. Not easy at all.

  4. Oh Jen, I have just read this. My mother had a twisted bowel and I remember the agony she was in.
    I hope she is okay. xxx