Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another week done....

....and dusted

The view on top of the hill after Shera drags me up!

Is that where we just were?

ahhhh bliss!!

Daddy you crack me up!!

Kylee & Skye colouring in together.
 Have had a week fighting with Telstra after having having my phone stolen at work last week. The police recovered it the same day.....but it took Telstra 5 days to re-activate my sim card....sux to them !!
Other than that it has been quiet. Had Shawn and his 3 0f his 4 kids out on Sunday for their access visit. Boy are they growing up. Only 1 of them is in foster care now, the eldest 3 are home with Hannah....Kaleb will be back after Easter....then its up to Hannah to keep them there. I really don't think she'll manage, they are a handful and from what I saw at my last visit to her house her housekeeping skills have NOT improved.
Shera has been making sure I have been exercising, lots of walks have been done...and some new more challenging ones too.
Weigh was today...a stay the same...I am blaming Telstra!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to me....

After a real downer of a day the day before,  my birthday turned out to be a wonderful day.
My girlfriend and "jabberwalk" buddy stayed after our walk for a cuppa and gave me a gorgeous handbag plus some other sweet smelling goodies. She also asked me to join her and some other friends down at the local cafe for lunch. T'was lovely.
My birthday rose. Its called Ebb Tide.
Home after lunch to find hubby waiting with the above...it was a beautiful standard rose. The colour is out of this word and the scent so intense!  I fell in love with the rose on the weekend while we were out browsing at Bunning's....so my man went back and bought it for me, how sweet was he :-)
DD came home and we prepared for the photo shoot. I did eventually find out 3 sets of clothes and kylee dressed up in hers and away we went.
The lovely stylist applied my makeup and styled my hair and I was ready for the shoot. What a hoot it was!! I was made to feel beautiful and Kylee and I had a ball.
The photo's look stunning on the pc and I am sure the package I bought ( at a price) will be memory of a few hours I will never forget!
I am so excited and can't wait for them all to arrive... in the next 4 to 6 weeks.
I was made to feel special...and now to today I am ready to begin my journey.

This morning my scales showed me a 700g loss.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why ...

Why am I having trouble in losing weight?
Why am I self sabotaging myself ?
Why am I not happy with me and my imagine in the mirror?
Why, when I struggle daily to do the "right thing" by myself do I stuff up ???

DD went down to Manjimup last night, they had burnouts on at the speedway. She had to be up at 4.20am to be at work by 5am and as I went to bed that was going through my head. She worked yesterday, then took off within an hour of being home to get there. Its and hour and half drive there and that back again late at night. I know she is a big girl but still I worry, she has been through so much of late.
So as I went to bed I stuffed my face and then took a handful of yummies with me and went into bed stuffing my face more!

Coz I worry/stress !
Coz I doubt myself.
 I know I have lost weight once before.
 I know I "only" have 10 kilo's to lose.
I know I have to get my head together and do it....
....now I have to figure out how

Tomorrow its my photo shoot that I won. Happy Birthday to me.
I have been so excited and looking forward to it, until I started to work out and trying on  what outfits I am going to wear. Half of what I wanted to wear doesn't fit, or just doesn't look right.
Just hope the stylist can work wonders.....
DD is coming with me....hubby is 2 workers down in his workshop and just can't get away.

Weigh in is Tuesday morning...maybe by then I can get my head around all these why's and start believing in me again.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fig jam...

My fig jam


 The other day for the first time ever I made fig jam. We have 3 fig trees and a lot of the fruit on it is splitting even though they are not ripe....so as only hubby & DD eat them and we all LOVE fig jam I decided to try my hand at making it. I googled a few recipes and went for the most simple one.....I'm happy !!
My fig jam & split figs.

My new air conditioner

Today the fitters arrived and our air conditioning was fitted. I worked this afternoon (DD was on days off and stayed here while the fitters worked) and it was sheer bliss to walk in the house after work...ahhhhhhhhhhhh :-)
We have lived in this house for over 17 years and relied on fans for those hot days. We have lawn all the way around the house which is double brick, it gets lots of shade from red gum and other trees and usually the house is cool. But for some reason,  this year we have really felt the heat...I think we must be getting old.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Going back to Simply Filling..

Well it was weigh in day today....a sts this week. My fault as I haven't followed the program the way I should be. Tried to switch things around and do some days pro-points and others simply filling...but I just didn't do it properly...and worst of all didn't track or plan anywhere near as much as I should have.
And I ate way way too much fruit !!!!
So this week its back to the simply Filling plan I was following and losing on....100% 
It was measurement week too and I happy to report all measurements are lower than last months...so that's a bonus and makes me feel better.

Its been a busy week...only the 2 days of work, but caught up on a lot of chores around the house/garden. Getting air conditioning fitted on Friday so moved things around, dusted, wiped and swept and vacuumed right through the house. That's the worst of being on a large bush block...DUST!!  And cobwebs try to move in overnight too !!

My rose garden was just full of weeds and I have that finally looking good, I have neglected it badly.

Tanya rang me early one morning asking if I could have Matthew for a few hours as he had woken up with a cold/sniffles/cough and couldn't go to kindy. She had a lunch date with her friends and didn't want to cancel. Of course I said yes. I love my grandies and anytime I can spend one on one time with any of them is seized with open arms. 
We went for a walk along the jetty down at the estuary and looked for fish and crabs and hopefully a dolphin, Matty thought it wonderful.
Matty feeding Shera treats
Can you see it Jenna?
Yep Matty, Jenna thinks your're  just gorgeous!!

Kylee had Friday off so we drove down to Manjimup to see my mum. We didn't chose the right day, mum was in a real cranky mood due to no sleep the night before. Poor love is really worried about her younger brother (her and my Uncle are the last of their family) who  has been having a lot of trouble with his heart. 
But she was happy to see us...and it was great to spend time with my brother and sister who also arrived to join us for lunch.

Keeping to my New Year resolution and enjoying more of a social life. I accept all invitations that come in now....and Ted is agreeing that more social is good for us both.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Climbed back on the wagon....

Aunty Kylee with Skye
 Last week ended with me being in a right regular grump....my eating habits were all over the place, I just couldn't get into the groove. But after going to my little local ww meeting...a pep talk and a few little challenges helped me get back on track. Things are going along great. Tuesday morning I weighed in and recorded a loss of 500g which I'll seize with both hands after that bad start off to my week.
That's funny Daddy reckons Kaleb
 On the Saturday Shawn had his access visit with his kids....they are a joy to watch together. We took them up to Kylee's shopping center for an hour or so as they had bouncy castles, fairy floss & face painting all free to kids to celebrate the opening of the new store. The kids loved it....and even more so the girls got to ride home from the center with Aunty Kylee when she finished work.
Kylee enjoying some of  her nieces and nephews
Kylee had just as much fun with her nieces & nephews as Shera did. It was lovely to see, she has missed out on so much of their growing up over the years with her being in Melbourne.

The house settlement will be finalised on Monday and she has decided she is going to spend some of it on herself....and is going to go on a Kontiki tour for 14 days in Europe....London, Paris & Rome being some of the places. She says it will be a birthday gift to herself.

Tomorrow I am getting yet another quote for my kitchen, one of these days IT WILL BE DONE!!!  lets see what tomorrow brings.

ohh and next week I am having a professional photo shoot...I won a 3 hour portrait session with a photographer. They have asked me to bring in 3 outfits...and I am hoping either hubby or Kylee will come with me.  
Am I excited.....

yep :-)
A stylist will be there to do my hair and makeup, I am so looking forward to that. It will be a birthday gift to me....even if I have to do it by myself.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Bit of a grump....

House sold, car packed...hurry up removalists....

Our view from our tent on the Murry River.

Murray River Queen

Great Australian Bight

Great Australian Bight

Trying my best to settle in to my eating plan after my drive across the country....have my good days and bad days. More bad parts these past few daysdue to a few obnoxious people at my work place. Not nice when your're told "what do you know, your're uneducated and JUST a cleaner" !!  Ahhh well.  Lucky I do my like my job.... :-)
My weigh in on Tuesday showed a 2 kilo gain....quite good considering being on my backside for 4 days and not eating correctly....
Kylee's container of all her wordly goods arrived this morning....missing a basket  of her bike, and her washing machine has a crack across the top of it. Unfortunately after paying to get it across here she couldn't afford insurance as well....
Right best move...have to shake off these grumps and get moving....